As our week of celebrations to mark 100 years since the birth of Bill Shankly comes to a close, Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish pays a fitting, heartfelt tribute to the great man.

Dalglish arrived at Anfield in August 1977 - three years after Shankly had tendered a shock resignation from his post as Reds boss.

Liverpool would go on to dominate English football in the decade that followed - and Dalglish insists none of it would have been possible without the foundations Shankly laid.

"Shanks is an inspiration to anybody who has any feelings towards Liverpool Football Club," he told the Liverpool Echo.

"The club is where it is and we are what we are today because of what he did, and I don't think anybody will ever forget that. We'll always be appreciative of what he did.

"He gave everybody the standards, taught them what to do and how to behave themselves and everything he did was correct. I don't think we should ever forget that.

"The principles that he put in place when he first arrived at the club will always remain. They were good, strong and honest guidelines for people.

"I'm eternally grateful for what he did for Liverpool because I was a beneficiary later on."

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