Following concerns raised, representatives from both Liverpool Football Club and the Supporters' Committee held a meeting on Sunday, September 1, to discuss the issues fans encountered with the new turnstile access system at Anfield.

During the summer, a number of changes around the stadium had been carried out and club representatives acknowledged that although the access system itself was and continues to be fully operational, the process that it adopted to ensure fans were fully aware of the new entry system and how it works should have been better. 

Because the new entry system requires fans to insert tickets/cards into the reader and then move to the turnstiles to enter, this resulted in some delays. There were further delays as some fans had to go back and re-enter which led to some additional problems.

The meeting was extremely productive and based on the feedback from the Supporters' Committee, the club published clear instructions on its website outlining the entry process and provided additional stewarding at key turnstiles to help fans with the new entry process.

These measures were introduced for the recent home game against Manchester United and the club's initial review shows that these measures have been successful. The club will continue with these additional measures for home games for the foreseeable future and will review results after each match to ensure supporters are accessing the stadium in an efficient manner.

If any supporters have any issues around access or indeed any other supporter issue or suggestion, then please contact the relevant member of the Supporters' Committee by clicking here.