Brendan Rodgers believes Luis Suarez will have been 'humbled' by the superb reception given to him at Anfield during Steven Gerrard's testimonial on Saturday.

The manager spoke to the owners on Friday night and today reiterated the club's determination to keep its best players.

Rodgers believes days like today can only help persuade Suarez that Anfield is the place for him to play his football in the long-term.

"It was probably not the reception that you guys thought!" the boss told journalists after the 2-0 victory over Olympiacos.

"It just shows you the class of the Liverpool supporters. Maybe people wondered what kind of reception he would get but that's the type of supporters Liverpool are. They love their own, and Luis is still very much part of the group and the team.

"They've given him everything, the supporters here.

"He was probably humbled by the reception. There might have been that wee bit of trepidation about the reaction he might have got, but people who've been at this club a lot longer than me and know the Liverpool way, they know the fans always respect their people and respect their own.

"Today was another message from them that they love him here. We all love him, as a manager, players and supporters. We're trying to keep our best players.

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"We only want players who are totally, 100 per cent committed to being here. I've spoken to Luis countless times over the summer and, of course, speculation can always be difficult for players, but he's back training and playing.

"The more he's around the group, the more he's around the great support here... And days like today, and during the tour -  if ever anyone wanted to know the status of Liverpool Football Club they did while we were on tour and today.

"This is a remarkable football club and I don't think you want to leave one of the biggest clubs in world football in a hurry. He knows that."

Asked if there was any update on Suarez's future, Rodgers added: "There are lots of stories that are going on around Luis but there's no change in it.

"We've had two bids from one club. That was nowhere near the valuation in the market now for a top, top player.

"Until there's anything dramatic that changes he's still in working. We've got to get him up to speed.

"It's very, very simple. We don't want to sell him. He's a top player and we're trying to build something here.

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"There's nothing new to report other than he's working well and he got a great reception today."

Journalists pressed Rodgers further on whether, ultimately, Suarez had a value that, if met, could prompt a departure.

"Every single player in the world will be open to that, but it's not something we're thinking about, to be honest," he said.

"I was on the phone to the owners last night and they know what we're trying to do here. We're trying to build the group up and we're in no hurry to sell Luis or any other player.

"Throughout the world, every player has a value and worth. You look at the market and £40,000,001 - when Gareth Bale they are talking about [a lot more than that].

"Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez were arguably the two best players in the Premier League last year and you can't say Gareth Bale is valued at 100 per cent more!

"We as a club are very strong in what we're doing and there won't be anyone moving out of here in a hurry."