Liverpool Football Club are continuing to team up with Cancer Research UK to help raise cancer prevention awareness among men.

Via the club's Men's Health programme, the Reds are determined to make men aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer - and also the benefits of an all-round healthier lifestyle in general.

As the city of Liverpool has some of the highest cancer figures in Europe, the club believe it's time to take control of our own health and take realistic steps to help reduce the number of people getting - and losing their life to - cancer.

Funded by Liverpool PCT, the LFC Men's Health programme works in close partnership with agencies such as PSS Health Trainers, Cancer Research UK, Laughterhouse Comedy and Liverpool Community Health to deliver a diverse programme to help men regain control of their lifestyles in a much healthier way.

Cancer Research UK have long supported the LFC Men's Health programme and attend each eight-week course to offer advice and support around reducing an individual's cancer risk.

LFC's Action for Health consultant Mark Haig said: "The LFC Foundation is working closely with Cancer Research UK, who provide a valuable input into our Mens' Health programme.

"Cancer has overtaken heart disease as the biggest cause of death and illness in the city of Liverpool.

"Lifestyle changes such as not smoking, a healthy diet, keeping active, cutting back on alcohol, and being sun aware can help prevent many cancers.

"Along with Cancer Research UK, we promote this message throughout our LFC Foundation programmes."

Last month, a Prince's Trust group from Bootle and Netherton Merseyside Fire and Rescue attend a lab tour at the Liverpool Cancer Research UK Centre.

Scientists Dr Daimark Bennett, Dr Neville Cobbe and Lauren Dodgson welcomed the group into their laboratory and demonstrated some of their work on ovarian cancer. The group discussed the how research helps us to understand how cancer starts and develops, as well as helping improve diagnosis techniques and developing better cancer treatments.

Via the successful Men's Health, LFC is completely committed to encouraging men to start leading healthier lifestyles, which in turn leads to healthier, longer lives.

The club works with local men to help raise awareness of the health issues men face as well as offering encouragement and support into putting this new found knowledge into practice.

Over the last three years, LFC have seen over 1,600 men aged 18-plus from across the city participate in programmes.

The eight-week scheme sees men attending a weekly, two-hour session in local community venues, during which they take part in an hour-long health discussion, following by a physical activity session, which can range from circuits to furniture fitness depending on abilities.

To find out more about the work of Cancer Research UK, click here to watch this great video>>

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