Jay Spearing paid a visit to the NSPCC Hargreaves Centre in Liverpool this week to help raise awareness on the prevention of non-accidental head injuries in babies.

This programme is used by the NSPCC to protect children aged under one, and the Reds midfielder was joined by LFC Ladies defender Sam Chappel and Everton striker Apostolos Vellios to lend their support.

The Preventing Non-Accidental Head Injuries in Babies programme aims to reduce the number of babies suffering non-accidental head injuries.

This is a primarily hospital-based parent education programme targeted at all parents of newborn babies. New parents are shown a short DVD of how to cope with the pressures of being a new parent and stressing how easily a baby's brain can be damaged.

Alex Hanson, Corporate Manager of the NSPCC Hargreaves Centre in Liverpool, said: "The prevention of non-accidental head injuries in babies is vitally important and we want to make as many parents as possible aware of it.

"It's a vital issue for us. Babies are the most vulnerable of all children and the Non-Accidental Head Injuries programme aims to reach up to 13,000 babies over the next two years in Merseyside, working with parents and making sure they know how to deal with their children.

"When they become a new parent we show them how to cope and what to do. This programme is fantastic and we are thrilled to be launching it here in Liverpool.

"Football is such an integral part to life in Liverpool and one of the big things for us with this programme is involving new dads in how to bring up the babies safely and how to create a loving and safe environment for them to grow in, and we are thrilled to have Liverpool FC and Everton helping us with this."

Spearing, a recent proud father himself, added: "It's very important to help the NSPCC raise awareness about this important initiative.

"We are happy to be involved and help the NSPCC with their new campaign in Liverpool and across the North-West."

Here are a selection of pictures from the event


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