In our latest starlet in profile interview, we speak to Academy goalkeeper Yusuf Mersin ahead of today's U18 clash at home to Bolton.

The towering 'keeper arrived from Millwall in January 2010 but has yet to feature this term after struggling with a knee injury.

Here he tells us about the FA Cup atmosphere at the Den, training with Pepe Reina and which youngster loves his early morning club anthems.

Who would win at 'skill skool'?

Kris Peterson. He always seems to pull a trick out of the bag and you are often left wondering how he did it! I'd put him up against Jack Dunn but Kris would win.

If you could holiday anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The Caribbean. The beaches there look fantastic. I trained with the U18s a lot of last season but missed out on the trip to St Vincent.

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Last album downloaded?

Bruno Mars. I like pop music and anything really.

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Last film watched?

The Negotiator. I watched it the other night on Film Four. It's decent. It's got Samuel L Jackson in it. Have you seen it? It's a good film.

Favourite TV show?

Eastenders. I love it. I've watched it for the last 10 years. I also like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It's from way back in the 1990s but I've seen all of them and think it's great.

Worst dresser?

Yalany Baio. He wears a lot of white jeans. It's just not right.

Worst taste in music?

Peter Aylmer. I wouldn't say that his taste is that bad, but he comes in first thing in the morning and blasts out club anthems. It's far too early for that!

Best moment in football so far?

I warmed up with Millwall's first team in an FA Cup match against Derby County at the Den. That was a great feeling, but overall I'd have to say signing for Liverpool.

What about representing Turkey at youth level?

Yes, that's great too. The best thing was playing in the European Championship qualifiers. It was away to Germany and it was in front of a packed crowd. Unfortunately we lost 2-0 but it was a good experience.

Worst or most embarrassing moment relating to football...

Once when I was playing for Millwall I came out for a ball and shouted to the defender I was going to head it. He didn't listen to me and ended up nodding it over me and into the back of our net. I just looked around and realised I was in the middle of the pitch. I looked a right idiot!

Which three teammates would be the most useful to get trapped on a desert island with - and why?

Tyrell Belford. He's tremendously positive. Baio because he's Baio and Kris Peterson because he's quite upbeat too and would keep our spirits high.

If you could take one of the lads to have their haircut, who would it be?

It's nothing new but I have to follow what most of the lads have said and pick Baio. It's just so bad. He needs to get it sorted.

Teammate who spends longest in the mirror?

Kris Peterson and Tom Walsh. One word sums them up. Gel.

Best ever player in your position?

I've always looked up to Edwin van der Sar because he has the same frame as me. He was always consistent. I kept an eye on Rustu, the Turkish 'keeper too because of my nationality. Pepe Reina is obviously up there as well and he's the best goalkeeper in the league right now. His kicking is unbelievable. I actually got the chance to train with him at the end of last season and that was a fantastic experience for me.

Best thing about playing for Liverpool FC?

It means a lot because Liverpool is the biggest club in the world as far as I'm concerned. I like the kit as well!

How did the move from Millwall to the Academy come about?

I believe Liverpool were watching me for about 18 months prior to me moving here. I'd done really well and enjoyed my time at Millwall. I signed pro there but the move here was one I couldn't turn down.

And just finally, the U18s face Bolton today but you're not likely to feature. Just tell us why...

I've been out for a few months now with my right knee. I've worked hard to get back and hopefully I'll be ready to return in a few weeks. It's been really hard watching on from the sidelines but I'm getting closer now and I'd like to thank all the medical staff for their help.

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