What happened when Harry Kewell and John Arne Riise went head to head to play the brilliant new Liverpool FC Club Football game at Anfield today? Michael Crowder went along but didn't find out


Harry Kewell & Michael Crowder play the Official LFC game


(above) The author tackles Harry Kewell at Club Football



Today saw the launch of the Official Liverpool FC 'Club Football' computer game and Liverpoolfc.tv were given a sneak preview. I was released from the office for my yearly trip out and, along with photographer Dave Cartwright, we strode headlong into football history. Oh, and Harry Kewell and John Arne Riise were there too.

If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself fully into LFC then you will not be disappointed. The 'create a player' option allows you to add yourself to the Liverpool team; your name is on the back of the shirt, your face looks as good as it does in real life and your skills are accurately represented. When the ball is passed to you, the commentator will speak your name, even if it is just to laugh at your terrible first touch.

As you would expect, every aspect of the team can be amended and tweaked, player positions, movement, free kick takers. This is Liverpool the way you want it.

And then, it's time to start the season, a full league and cup structure is available as well as custom features. The better you do, the more secrets (goal clips, pictures) you unlock.

First, however, it was time for the big one, the stage was set, Liverpool (myself) vs. Barcelona (Dave).

The players run out onto a superbly accurate Anfield, the sun is shining, the crowd are singing chants recorded during real matches and a close up of each player shows immense detail (this is the only game the players themselves helped to make) - the billboards even advertise Liverpoolfc.tv! It's time to kick off!

As you may expect from novices, the game started off in a scrappy mess. By 17 mins, both Hyypia and Henchoz had been sent off for tackles from behind. By 39 mins, Stevie G had gone too. It was not looking too hopeful for me. Then, a Riise corner, a flick on by Baros, Owen pounces...1-0.

Baros breaks free, turns the defence...2-0!

Finnan is cruelly hacked down in the area and Michael steps up...3-0!

Just like in real life, the 8 men of Liverpool triumphed against the evil Cartwright.

And in case he ever forgets it, you can even save your replays and watch your famous victory again and again and again.

Then it was the turn of the real players. Kewell v Riise. Both chose Liverpool, both looked confident, it was a cracker of a game. The game kicked off...

But then you don't really care who won that one, do you? Only one score mattered today - Crowder 3 Cartwright 0.

And the verdict from Harry? Apart from the fact that his character should be faster, more skilful, and better looking, he liked it!

To read more about the game, click here>>



Harry Kewell & John Arne Riise at the Official LFC game launch







Official LFC computer game





Official LFC computer game





Harry Kewell & John Arne Riise at the Official LFC game launch