Liverpool Football Club has established a designated procedure to allow supporters to document the experiences they endured ahead of our Champions League fixture away to Sevilla on November 21.

Having taken receipt of a number of individual accounts and being aware of various media reports, the club has set up a complaints repository with a commitment to present all relevant correspondence to the applicable authorities.

In the intervening days since the fixture took place, the club has also been provided with the observations of Merseyside Police and the Football Association, both of whom had representatives in Seville.

Given the troubling nature of the claims made by our supporters, the club feels it is appropriate that their concerns are communicated and is therefore urging all fans with a legitimate complaint to send their accounts to at the earliest possible opportunity.

In order to facilitate the process, the club is asking supporters to provide details of: their ticket serial number, their block number, their row number, their seat number and any supporting documentation, including photographs and video footage. This information will help the club in the process of making representations on behalf of our fans.