Liverpool FC is commissioning an independent review to identify further opportunities for increased dialogue with its global fan base.

In 2011, LFC lead the way in the Premier League by establishing its official Supporters’ Committee to structure the way fans provide feedback to the club. The Committee consists of 12 voluntary fans who represent all of the major constituencies among the club's global supporter base. The Committee members have regular dialogue with LFC staff and have four formal meetings every season to provide valuable input into club issues.

The independent review will take place over the coming months and will work alongside representatives from the Supporters’ Committee and other key stakeholders and fan groups.

The aim of the review is to assess what has worked well with supporters, identify areas that can be improved and further develop the process of having regular engagement with fans on any key topics. It will be asking fans what is important to them and what they are passionate about to help with the supporter feedback structure going forward.

While the review is taking the place, the Supporters’ Committee will continue to meet with the club on a day-to-day basis and fans should continue to contact members in the normal way with any feedback.

The next Supporters’ Committee meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 7 and the minutes will be published on the LFC website as normal for fans to read.

The review will be conducted by an external organisation and a summary of the results will be published on the club's website.