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Courtesy of the BBC - September 7

The brother of a man who died at Hillsborough said he "never thought for one second" that his elder sibling would be hurt in the stadium tragedy.

Stephen Kelly was giving evidence as the new inquests focussed on the death of 38-year-old Michael Kelly.

The jury saw images of Mr Kelly inside pen three, one of the enclosures on the Leppings Lane terraces at the stadium.

He was one of 96 Liverpool fans who died after the terrace crush at the FA Cup semi-final on 15 April 1989.

Stephen Kelly described his brother as his "confidant" and a "safety net".

He had been in the Royal Navy and was living in Bristol at the time, the jury heard. As such, he went to the match in Sheffield on a Liverpool Supporters' Club coach.

Christina Lambert QC, for the coroner, said Michael Kelly's daughter Joanna, who now lives in Australia, has "lovely, tender memories" of her father and when they saw each other "he made her feel very special".

His brother told the court: "On the day of the disaster I watched, like everybody else, the events unfolding.

"I just assumed he would be safe. Mike was quite a big lad.

"I never thought for one second that he could have been caught up in it."

Mr Kelly said he tried to reassure his mother, Jean, and sister, Joan, that Michael was safe, even though he had not heard from him.

He continued: "I went to work that evening - I worked as a taxi driver at the time, looking around at the city, the city was pretty flat, obviously, the mood."

Mr Kelly described how he went to Sheffield the following day to look for his brother and ended up identifying his body in the city's medico-legal centre.

The jury saw footage showing Michael inside pen three from 14:45 BST - 15 minutes before Liverpool's tie against Nottingham Forest kicked off.

Initially he was towards the back of the terrace, but by 15:05 he had moved to within a few rows of fencing at the front.

Ms Lambert said there was no video footage or eyewitness evidence about how he made it out of the pen and onto the pitch.

He was seen lying on the ground near the goal at 15:26 and was carried to the stadium's gymnasium, which was being used to treat casualties and hold bodies, at 15:31. 

The inquests, sitting in Warrington, Cheshire, continue.