A football club is nothing without its supporters and, as has been proven on countless occasions in the past, Liverpool FC can genuinely claim to have the best.

For 126 years they have been the heartbeat of this club, standing by the team through thick and thin, in triumph and tragedy, home and away.

Universally known as the ‘12th man’, there is an endless supply of stories about how the Liverpool crowd have come to the team’s rescue down the years, roaring the Reds on to victory when defeat seemed inevitable.

Famed for their unwavering support, vocal harmony and ingenious banners, such fanatical backing has often been described as akin to a one-goal lead.

So many great Liverpudlians have passed through the Anfield turnstiles and, collectively, they have come to epitomise what supporting this club means.

Whether from Kirkdale or Kuala Lumpur, Liverpool fans are a special breed and together they’ve ensured that the directors, managers, coaching staff and players of this club have never walked alone.

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