Remembered by all who came into contact with him as a man who gave his life to the club, George Kay's war-interrupted 15-year reign as manager saw him re-establish Liverpool as a major force in the game during the late 1940s.

Recruited from Southampton in 1936, he took control of a team that had long been in decline but gradually transformed fortunes at Anfield.

Renowned for his deep thinking and shrewd tactical nous, Kay was a supreme motivator of men and hugely admired by all who played under him.

The onset of hostilities in 1939 meant it would be a long time before his new team was able to take shape but it peaked during the inaugural post-war season of 1946-47 as Liverpool unexpectedly clinched the First Division title.

In 1950, he then oversaw the club’s run to a first-ever Wembley cup final before ill-health forced him to reluctantly step down as manager just six months later.

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