An inspirational and forward-thinking leader, WH McConnell was the brains behind Liverpool's success in the inaugural post-war season of 1946-47.

A caterer who ran a string of dockside cafes, ‘Billy Mac’ was a lifelong Liverpool fan who had been following their fortunes since the turn of the century.

He joined the club’s board of directors in 1929 and was widely admired, commanding the utmost respect at every club throughout the country.

In preparation for the 1946-47 campaign, he proposed that Liverpool should escape the bleak austerity of food-rationed Britain and embark on a groundbreaking tour of North America.

His belief that the nutritional benefits of such a trip would stand them in good stead for a tilt at the title was proven right as, thanks also in part to the shrewd early-season acquisition of Albert Stubbins, the Reds defied the odds to be crowned champions.

Under McConnell’s guidance, Liverpool had reportedly ‘never been in safer hands’, but he suddenly fell ill and passed away in the summer of 1947, resulting in an immeasurable loss for the club. 

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