Managing your cookie settings

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This notice explains how Liverpool Football Club uses Cookies, including tags and pixels, to provide you with the best experience across our websites, online store, and digital applications (apps). To meet our obligations under the EU Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations, you will have been asked to consent to the use of cookies as described in this policy.

If you choose to accept then remember you can always change your cookie preferences and settings at any time.

If you wish to change your cookie settings, block cookies altogether or remove cookies from your device you can do so under “Settings” in your chosen browser (see help links below for the main browsers). Please remember any changes you make may affect the functioning of parts of our website or apps.

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What is a cookie and how do we use them?

A cookie is a small data file stored on the hard drive of your computer or in your smart phone memory when you access our Websites or Apps. It collects information into a profile about your use of our Websites or Apps and helps them recognise and remember you on future visits.

Cookies, and similar technologies, enable us to:

  • provide services you have registered or paid for.
  • provide content that is likely to be of interest to you (for example, we recognise you as a returning visitor and can tailor your experience according to your interests including previously viewed articles, player profiles etc).
  • monitor and improve the functionality and usage of the Website and Apps (for example, collecting session and event data to see which features and areas are most popular).
  • provide advertising of relevance to you both from Liverpool Football Club and our commercial partners (listed here: LFC Commercial Partners).

Types of Cookie used on Liverpool Football Club Websites

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: these are essential for the operation of Liverpool Football Club Websites and Apps. Without them, services such as secure areas, shopping baskets/checkouts, maintaining a logged in status and remembering form data cannot be provided. None of the data collected by these cookies is used for advertising purposes or to market products to you. They are considered essential to the services provided so cannot be deleted.

2. Functionality Cookies: these allow Liverpool Football Club Websites and Apps to remember you (your username and region), choices you make, services and products of interest and your preferences to provide enhanced and personalised features on every visit. You can control if these cookies are used but this may prevent the website from offering a full experience.

3. Analytical Performance Cookies: Liverpool Football Club uses Google Analytics to collect statistical information about how visitors use our website or apps. For example, which pages are visited most often, how users interact with content, where error messages occur and where users have clicked to view adverts or on links to other parts of the site (or external commercial partner sites). We use the information to make improvements to the websites and apps. This data cannot identify an individual and is not used for targeting purposes.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics on this site click here:

We also use the Thunderhead One Engagement Hub advanced analytics cookie to distinguish you from other users and store a data profile. Using this data helps provide you with a personalised experience when you use our website or apps and in emails or other messages, enabling the delivery of more relevant content. Where you have given us marketing consent, we can also link your profile to previous browsing and purchase history. If you disable these cookies you will receive a non-personalised experience with content less relevant to you (e.g. showing products you have already purchased).

To opt out of being tracked by Thunderhead One cookie follow the advice above on Managing Your Cookie Settings.

4.Targeting Cookies: these cookies allow Liverpool Football Club to collect information about your browsing habits (products purchased, or content engaged with) that is linked to data on your browser, device and IP address. We use this information to display more relevant content and advertisements to you, as well as to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. Occasionally we share this information with partners (LFC Commercial Partnersincluding other advertising organisations and social media channels such as Facebook.

To opt out of this type of advertising then please go to the Network Advertising Initiative website. Alternatively, if you regularly clear cookies in your browser this will also help stop this type of re-targeting advertising from appearing.

How to contact us with any concerns

If you have any concerns or queries about cookies or how we process your data you can get in touch with LFC's Data Protection Officer by email ( or by writing to the following address:

Data Protection Officer
The Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Limited
10th Floor
20 Chapel Street
L3 9AG