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eAcademy: What's new in August

Published 7th December 2022

Original Publish Date - 10 August 2022

The new season has officially kicked-off and LFC eAcademy is offering young players the opportunity to boost their strength and fitness with the latest content release.

We’ve added an entire new category of content to the platform called Athletic Development. This new section has a total of 10 new videos built around helping players to improve on some of the key athletic techniques that are required in a match situation.

Demonstrated by one of our experienced LFC coaches on the hallowed turf at Anfield, the videos will help get your fitness levels up as well as providing you with a greater knowledge of the range of movements professional players work on in training themselves.

The new Athletic Development content is also the perfect accompaniment to the Agility section on eAcademy. Why not use both to ensure you’re as strong, fit and agile as possible for your own new season?

The full list of Athletic Development techniques now available are as follows:

  • L sprint backpedal
  • L locomotion
  • Balance with toe tap
  • Balance reach
  • 6 cone shuffle
  • 4 cone reaction drill
  • 3 cone sprint
  • Zig zag shuffle
  • Side shuffle
  • Square locomotion

What’s trending in August?

In addition to the new Athletic Development content, we’ve also updated our Trending section to reflect what’s popular right now. We’ve seen an increase in videos being watched across the board, but it’s the Laces shooting technique that has once again been the most popular with young players over the last week.

Also returning to the trending section is the Curled Cross technique, a skill that LFC’s full-backs make look easy! The Roll and Flick receiving technique, Jumping agility drill and Goalkeeper Short Distribution are the other skills making it into the trending section.

Want to get training? Head over to now to login and start playing. If you’re new to eAcademy, it’s now available to subscribe to from just £4.99!

Published 7th December 2022