Nicholas Michael Hewitt and Carl Darren Hewitt

Nicholas Michael Hewitt and Carl Darren Hewitt

Ages: 16 & 17

Brothers Nicholas and Carl Hewitt were Anfield season-ticket holders from Leicester who travelled to Hillsborough on a Heart of England Liverpool Supporters' Club coach. Carl was training to become a cabinet-maker and Nick was still at school but hoped to become an electrical engineer.

Mother Brenda Hewitt said: "The memories of Carl and Nick are too many to list. In particular, there are happy memories of family caravan holidays and Christmas."

Portrait by Nicholas and Carl's mother Brenda Hewitt

Carl was born on May 21, 1971, at home, and Nick was born on March 5, 1973, in hospital. Both attended Manor Junior School and then Beauchamp College in Oadby, Leicester.

Carl attended Southfields College, where he was training to be a cabinet maker, and also attended work release with his trainer. He was due to receive the best in class award.

Nick was still at school and due to take his exams later in the year. He was interested in becoming an electrical engineer. Their goals were taken away before they even started.

Carl had a quieter, more serious personality than his brother. He was very caring towards Nick and would stick up for him at all times. Nick loved life and was always ready for fun at home or out.

They both liked nothing more than playing football with friends at the back of the house in all weathers. When they were younger they were usually out together. As they got older, they established their own set of friends.

We had lived in our family home for 20 years by April 15, 1989. We all enjoyed the usual family things, such as swimming, ten-pin bowling, the pictures and going to the local park.

Carl and Nick loved all their extended family, and family pets, including the family dog that we had for 14 years. In 1989, Carl had just passed his driving test, and they loved going out with cousins for short drives to ice-skating.

The memories of Carl and Nick are too many to list. In particular, there are happy memories of family caravan holidays and Christmas, which Nick loved. Just being a normal happy family.

The boys loved football and were both season ticket holders. The match in 1989 was the same venue as the year before. They travelled to the match on the supporters' bus. When I was made aware of the events of the day, there was a very long wait to hear any news.

The supporters' bus left the stadium with those on board who were able to exit the ground. They left the ground with two young boys missing.

As my Mum said, "Always together. Together always." 

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