Martin Kenneth Wild

Martin Kenneth Wild

Age: 29

Older brother to Nigel, Martin Wild travelled to Hillsborough with a friend who survived the tragedy. A passionate Kopite, Martin was a regular at Anfield and also made trips to Belle Vue to watch the speedway.

At the time of the tragedy, Martin was working at Dorm Press Birchvale in Cheshire as a print worker.

Statement from Timothy Suter, solicitor to the inquests

On May 31, 2013, I wrote to the family of Martin Wild to inquire whether they wished to provide a background statement about him.

I explained that the statement could set out any personal memories of Martin that they wished to share and details about his family life, hobbies, career and achievements.

To date [April 24, 2014], I have not received a background statement from Mr Wild's family.

The coroner is anxious to ensure that some personal information about each person who died as a result of the Hillsborough disaster is presented to the jury at the inquests and so has asked me to prepare background statements for those families who are unable to do this themselves.

I have therefore written this statement to set out background information for the coroner about Martin Wild. I have done so from documents publicly available on the internet and the digitised materials gathered by the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

In a statement from his father, Kenneth Wild, dated April 25, 1989, he said that his son, Martin Wild, was born on July 15, 1959 in Stockport. He was the eldest of two children. His younger brother was Nigel Wild.

Martin lived with his paternal grandmother, Anne Wild, in New Mills, Cheshire. He attended local schools in New Mills and left full-time education at the age of 15.

He spent most of his working life at the Wardle fabrics factory. He was responsible for washing the print screens.

When he was made redundant from the Wardle factory, he joined the Dorm Press Birchvale in Cheshire as a print worker. This was in early 1989.

Martin did not marry and did not have any children.

He was 5ft 8in tall and medium build with dark wavy hair. Martin was a lifelong Liverpool supporter and went to all the home games at Anfield. He rarely travelled to away games.

His stepmother, Monica Whitley, provided a statement to police dated July 25, 1989. As well as supporting Liverpool, she said that he also went to Belle Vue to watch the speedway.

She identified a blue denim Wrangler jacket that Martin was wearing on the day of the match. It had two lapel badges, for Liverpool FC and Belle Vue speedway.

A friend of Martin's, John Murray, provided a witness statement to the police dated April 15, 1989.

He had known Martin for three years and described him as a close friend. He said that Martin lived with his two grandmothers, whom he knew as Mary and Anne.

John Murray travelled with Martin to Hillsborough by car on April 15, 1989. He was on the terraces with Martin.

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