Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston

Age: 29

Alan Johnston from Liverpool had three older brothers - Charlie, George and Ken - all of whom had to cope with the loss of both their parents, Charlie and Elizabeth, at a young age. A trainee accountant later in life, Alan was sociable and well-liked. He and his fiancée had made plans for a wedding that summer before his death at Hillsborough. 

His brother Ken told the inquests: "He shall be missed with infinity. He was an amazing guy."

Portrait by his brother Ken Johnston

Alan Johnston was a wonderful young man, in the prime of his life and with an exciting future ahead of him. He was handsome, articulate, well educated and healthy.

He was much-loved by his close family and friends. Alan was only 29 when he passed away.

Alan was born to Charlie and Elizabeth on March 6, 1960 at their home in Walton, Liverpool. He was the youngest brother of Charlie, George and Ken.

His father passed away when Alan was quite young. He grew up with his mother and his third eldest brother, Ken. To add to Alan's grievance, his beloved mother passed on, too.

Both the two younger siblings had a very close-knit and inseparable relationship until that fateful day. Ken mentored Alan through his primary education.

At 10 years old, Alan won the Margaret Bryce Smith scholarship which allowed him to further his studies at the Liverpool Institute. He performed well at the Institute and went on to attain high grades at O and A-levels.

Alan also represented his school sports teams in competitions.

Alan commenced his career with the National Health Service Section under the Treasury Department based at Walton Hospital. He was assigned as an articled accountant while studying his way through chartered accountancy examinations.

Alan was very sociable at work and a frequent blood donor for the hospital he worked at before his death.

Alan had a fiancée and had plans for a wedding that summer before he died. Alan had a wide circle of friends during his life, was very sociable and great fun to be with.

He enjoyed live concerts, which he went to frequently. He had been to watch Elvis Costello's performance with his friends on the Royal Iris ferry on the River Mersey, and the Rolling Stones at Roundhay Park in Leeds.

He was a proud owner of his record collection, which included anything from Steely Dan to The Jam and Iggy Pop.

He was always very smart and well turned out with a crew cut and sharp attire - the only 'mod' we knew with the combination of smart 'Como' shoes and a punk's mohair jumper.

Of course, he also loved his sport. He was a good, speedy footballer and played attacking midfield for his school and a local club side.

Undeniably, he was a very keen supporter of the Reds. He had a season ticket for the Kop and occasionally travelled to away games with his friends.

Alan also loved his tennis and played regularly before and after work at the Walton Hospital staff tennis court. He was an ardent fan of John McEnroe and played with the same replica wooden racquet - although he was a little more polite to umpires.

Alan was much loved by his friends and family; aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. He shall be missed with infinity. Alan's close family is desperate for the justice he deserves.

He was an amazing guy. God bless you, Alan. Rest in peace.


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