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The Hillsborough Family Support Group was founded in May 1989 by a majority of the families who lost loved ones in the Football Disaster at Hillsborough Stadium Sheffield, England on the 15th April 1989.

A few families met whilst travelling to and from the Lord Justice Taylor Inquiry, and decided that we should contact every next of kin and form a group.

We held our first meeting at the Vernon Sangster Sports Centre, Liverpool. By July of the same year, we had democratically elected a committee and held our first committee meeting.

As our logo implies, the bereaved families came together to help and support each other throughout the aftermath. It became very clear at an early stage that a strong group was needed if a campaign to bring out the truth and ensure justice was to succeed.

These pages will help you realise the amount of work the HFSG has done in their search for justice and how hard we had to fight against insurmountable odds.

We will be updating this page periodically. You can also contact us by email at or ring us on our office telephone number at 0151 263 8138 and we will endeavour to answer your enquiries.

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Contact Details

The Hillsborough Family Support Group 
Anfield Sports and Community Centre 
Breckside Park 
Lower Breck Road 
Liverpool, L6 0AG

Tel: 0151 263 8138

Hillsborough Justice Campaign

Hillsborough Justice Campaign

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign includes bereaved families and survivors of the Hillsborough Disaster as well as supporters of the continued fight for justice.

The HJC shop at 178 Walton Breck Road has become a focal point for supporters to drop in, not just on match days, but whenever they are passing. The HJC is pleased to have an 'open door' policy for people who feel that they can identify with the ethos of the group.


Contact details

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign
PO Box 1089
178 Walton Breck Road
L69 4WR
Tel / fax : 0151 2605262


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