Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association

The Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association (LDSA)

The LDSA was established in 2003 by Liverpool Football Club in conjunction with disabled LFC fans.

The LDSA, in partnership with Liverpool Football Club, addresses issues affecting disabled supporters relating to stadium access, pitch view, parking, disabled toilet and catering facilities, and any other matters relating to facilities for disabled people.

The Committee

CHAIRMAN - David Higham

VICE-CHAIRMAN - Tommy Hutchinson


SECRETARY - Samantha Mellor




Level Playing Field (LPF)

The LDSA is a full member of the Level Playing Field (LPF) and takes part every year in the 'Level Playing Field' Campaign.

LPF campaigns and lobbies on behalf of disabled supporters to ensure that change and improvements continue in the game and to raise disability awareness. It is important that disabled people of all ages and disability groups are encouraged to get involved in football. Going to a game of football can quite simply be life changing for a disabled person.

Progress has been made in recent years to improve facilities for disabled supporters that most people take for granted - as simple as equal access to tickets, a decent view, under cover and seated with your own fans, accessible toilets, bars, club shops, museums and accessible media (club TV and literature) and web sites.

In most cases however there is still a clear deficit between the matchday and overall supporter experiences of disabled and non-disabled fans.

LPF believes that football can lead the way in bringing true equality to the lives of all disabled people and runs the annual Level Playing Field Campaign.

The Level Playing Field Campaign runs for two weeks (usually in March) each season to ensure that change and improvements continue in the game and to raise disability awareness.

The LPF website can be found at