Reds Behind Closed Doors 20/21

What are you doing to keep the stadium safe?

We have worked with local authorities and other key stakeholders to develop venue operation plans and COVID-19 stadium risk assessments, minimising both the risk to public health and reliance on local health and other emergency services.

We are also working closely with our City partners and supporters’ clubs to encourage fans to be safe by tuning in to watch games and supporting us safely whilst following public health and government guidelines.

As per last season, we will be installing fencing around the perimeter of the ground to create a sterile area around the Stadium to protect the health and safety of all of those involved. This will allow us to facilitate the appropriate social distancing measures, whilst carefully managing and protecting the local community and all those working at the game as per Premier League and Government guidance.

What will Anfield look and sound like without fans in attendance?

There is nothing like hearing 54,000 fans singing in You’ll Never Walk Alone in full voice before the start of a game. Whilst Anfield will not be the same without fans, we need you to support us safely and tune in – that’s the best way you can show you’re behind the team.

We will still be upholding tradition by playing You’ll Never Walk Alone before the game kicks off and we would love you to share your new matchday ritual using the hashtag #LFCATHOME. For more details on this, please click on the ‘Support us safely’ tab above.

In line with Premier League guidance that will see a standardised approach across the grounds, we will dress the rest of the stadium with a mixture of banners that will include the club crest and colours. To make it as authentic as possible we are installing flags that would normally appear on Kop. As part of this, the club continues to work with organised fan groups on plans to decorate the stadium. Unfortunately, due to operational, safety and logistical restrictions, we are not currently able to accommodate individual requests for flags to be displayed.

Crowd noise will not be played inside the stadium during games, but fans watching from home can select the option to choose atmospheric audio over the match footage as part of the broadcast. This has been created for use across the Premier League using the team-specific FIFA 20 game audio.

Will VAR be in operation?

VAR will continue to be in operation at IMG Studios, Stockley Park. There will be a different configuration to the usual VAR Hub set-up in order to allow for social distancing, with additional rooms also being used when required.

What is the walkout procedure?

After a staggered exit from the tunnel, teams will line up for the Premier League anthem, observing social distancing. There will be no handshake.

Will there be media interviews and press conferences after each match?

The club will be hosting its pre-match press conference virtually. Post-match broadcast interviews will take place pitch side with social distancing exercised. Boom microphones must be used and cleaned between interviews. Huddle interviews are not permitted. Post-match press conferences will be conducted virtually.