Ticketing, facilities and accessibility

Proposed view of the Anfield Road Stand entrance


Our first stage consultation provided information about accommodating around 7,000 additional seats taking the overall Stadium capacity to over 61,000. 

Following further design development and to enable us to proceed to planning submission, the detailed plans propose around 5,200 general admission seats and around 1,800 seats with lounge/sports bar type offering.

This stage of the process is to prepare for submitting the planning application. There will be much more work to do in the coming months and into next year around ticketing and how we allocate these additional seats. It will require consultation with supporters and other key stakeholders when the time is right. We are committed to further discussions on this detail with our fans and others through our established fan forums. 

Some of the questions that you asked us were: 

What facilities will be included as part of the proposed Anfield Road Stand expansion? 

The proposed design includes back-of-house facilities including improved concourses, hospitality lounge and relocation of the Family Park to a covered position. The concourse facilities will be in a similar style to the current facilities in the Main Stand.

Where will the Family Park be located during construction?

We are currently reviewing options for provision of the Family Park during construction of the new Stand. When we have clarity on this matter, we will ensure fans, the local community and other stakeholders are fully informed.

What about accessibility?

The proposals will include dedicated accessible entrances for home and away fans leading to new wheelchair tribunes with adjacent companion seats; accessible seating in accordance with approved design standards will also be provided. The new public realm will provide easy access from the disabled parking bays in Stanley Park to the Stadium. In total, 6% of the parking spaces close to the Stadium will be provided for disabled supporters – this is in line with Liverpool City Council standards. 

Your Opinion Matters

Thank you for your interest in the proposed Anfield Road Expansion, the second stage of our consultation has now closed.