Klopp: We're in a good mood, a good moment and ready to deliver

Jürgen Klopp admits he and his Liverpool squad are acutely aware of the need for improvement in certain aspects of their game, but insists everyone connected with the club is wholly confident about what can be achieved this season.

The Reds ended a four-match spell without a win - which included elimination from the Carabao Cup - by securing a 3-2 victory over Leicester City at the King Power Stadium on Saturday.

And while Klopp acknowledges Liverpool still have work to do to enhance their game, he feels there are signs the team are developing.

“People who are too negative don’t see it and people who are not really interested don’t see it,” he told Liverpoolfc.com on board the team flight to Moscow.

“We have a lot of things to do, 100 per cent, but we all know we are on a good way. Yes, a few things are not fixed, which happens when you are not flying. The Man City game is a good moment to describe it; for half an hour we were the better side, we got the red card and then City started flying from this moment.

“Each team will have difficult moments in the season because no team will collect 120 points or something like this! Our learning process started again already in this season.

“We have 11 points and each point we’ve got so far we’ve deserved. We could have had one, two or three more – everybody knows that. It’s not the perfect season, but we have 11 points. The teams with the perfect season so far have 16, so that’s a five-point difference. It sounds like it’s everything is already decided!

“I said after the [Leicester] game that we know and we are responsible, we have to deliver results. If nobody asked, we’d only carry on working – keep on working, keep on working, keep on working, keep on working. But because everyone is asking, it’s always this kind of, ‘Stop, so 3-2… you are happy?’ Not 100 per cent, but 80 per cent. ‘You are 80 per cent happy?’ Yes – sorry about that.

“We are really in a good mood and in a good moment, we just have to deliver results – [starting with] the next one in Moscow.”

In an attacking sense, Liverpool have had no issue in finding the back of the opposition net with 20 goals already scored so far this season.

However, defensively, the Reds have conceded 18 times in 10 matches and Klopp accepts there is work to be done – though he feels the onus is on the collective and not individuals.

The manager explained: “Roberto, Sadio, Mo, Daniel, Phil and Dom [have performed well]… I don’t want to forget anybody.

“Ox, obviously he needs time to adapt to it – that’s how it is. I know this is another thing that after three weeks, people say ‘Oh, he hasn’t played a lot!’

“Football is an everyday, 100 per cent, important thing. It means every day questions and every day answers. But we don’t have to answer every day for ourselves; we can go on, we can give ourselves the time to adapt to different situations and that’s what we do. It’s good.

“We have to defend better. I don’t like to always say [that] because it sounds like I’m saying what everybody said before the season – that is not the case. We have to defend better as a team, that’s what I am talking about. Not ‘Don’t miss a ball here, don’t miss a ball there’. That’s not what I am talking about.”

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