The boss on transfers: 'We're a really interesting project'

The 'really interesting project' under way at Liverpool will make the club an appealing proposition for new players this summer, according to Jürgen Klopp.

A win against Middlesbrough on Sunday would secure the Reds a top-four finish in the Premier League and a place in the Champions League qualifiers for the first time since 2014.

Being back in Europe’s elite club competition might enhance the overall offering to potential recruits, Klopp admits, but the manager strongly believes the team’s progress this season should be convincing enough in any case.

“We are a really interesting project,” he said at his pre-match press conference.

“Everybody can see it from outside, the mood is different and a few people are different. But the base is still there – the size and power of this club – and then the perspective. That’s really changed and we feel this in the talks.

“But they have to see it, feel it and then make the decision. We make the decision before we go into talks, of course, because that’s always how it is, you commit 100 per cent.

“Plan A player says ‘No, sounds all good, but…’ Plan B, you are not sure. Plan C, you want to have to sign when A and B are not there.

“But the players are really positive and I felt that this year in comparison to last year. It was different. They saw our way and they saw the football. That’s good.

“And Champions League would be the icing on the cake, if you want. But that’s it and not more. It should not sound negative, but if the Champions League is the only reason why a player is coming, it makes no sense for him and makes no sense for us.

“One year ago, you are not qualified and the player decides for another Champions League club who will only play in the Champions League one time in their whole history, it makes no sense.

“It’s always important for players because it’s the thing they want to play in. But it’s always like this.

“The progress and development and positive perspective of a club is really important for players. We are powerful in a lot of parts of the game and we will be successful in the future. For this, we need the players of course and we have very good players and we’ll bring in a few more.”

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Klopp outlined how the club will approach the transfer window and squad development ahead of next season to earlier this week.

In that interview, the boss explained why the quality already within the ranks at Liverpool sometimes makes it difficult to identify players who can strengthen the group.

But he and his staff have been hard at work in that search and are confident that, with or without a spot in the Champions League, productive business can be done this summer.

“I have said before, for different reasons it really makes sense to play in the Champions League,” said the German.

“It is a wonderful competition, outstanding. Fans love it, players love it and managers love it – that’s great. And then, of course, you can earn money there a lot, money we didn’t have last year, we didn’t have two years ago. That’s very interesting, that’s one part of it.

“But we’re already in a good position, we’re a club without financial problems, we have money to spend. But we always thought it makes sense to think before we spend and that’s what we are doing. We will see what happens.

“We were working not only on the pitch, because my day is 24 hours. I have a lot of good people around, so were working really hard on having a really good position for different players.

“But it’s not the day to talk about this. When I said I want to make this team better, first of all that should be the aim every year probably.

“What I wanted to say was that it’s not that easy because we already have a really good side. If our first 11, 12, 13, 14 players are fit, the world is not full of players where you say ‘OK, they make us better immediately’.

“Maybe there are a few out there and you can be sure we have spoken to them. It’s still possible.”

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