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Coates' injury update

2m 07s

'You'll enjoy watching Uruguay'

5m 54s

Seba v Coutinho: Scouse quiz

2m 50s

'Why Luis will get even better'

11m 34s

Coates on Cup, goals and Luis

5m 15s

Coates on derby test

3m 45s

Coates on Russia test

4m 08s

Coates OG gives Udinese the lead

0m 47s

Coates makes it 3-3

0m 51s

Luis v Jordan v Seb

10m 17s


Inside Melwood: Episode 14

10m 37s

Inside Melwood: Episode 14

10m 19s

March POTM contender: Coates

1m 11s

'I want to do it again'

3m 47s

'Doni won't let us down'

2m 20s

'Skrtel is best in PL'

2m 58s

Seb's stunner in six angles

2m 47s

Clarke on Coates progress

2m 09s

Coates (53)

1m 05s


A day out with Jose and Seb

6m 37s

Inside Melwood: Episode 3

11m 15s

'Torres just another forward'

2m 14s

Coates's first goal in red

0m 49s

The best of our 5-1 win

16m 08s

Agger welcomes Coates arrival

2m 17s

'Coates is ready'

3m 38s

Coates signs Anfield deal

1m 13s

'Suarez key to my move'

3m 34s

'He's the complete package'

6m 01s

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