RESULTS FOR Ryan+McLaughlin

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'I love the wing-back role'

2m 01s

McLaughlin makes it four

0m 45s

Ryan rebound doubles lead

0m 48s

McLaughlin reflects on 'brilliant' moment

2m 08s

McLaughlin fires injury-time winner

0m 59s

McLaughlin predicts

0m 59s

'We had our chances'

1m 45s

McLaughlin and Smith reflect

1m 55s

McLaughlin makes it 3-0

0m 48s

Man City 0-2 U21s: Interviews

3m 43s

McLaughlin on U21 opener

1m 57s

Mellor meets McLaughlin

11m 01s

Promo: When Mellor met McLaughlin

0m 30s


McLaughlin & Sama reaction

3m 16s

McLaughlin on Inter display

1m 34s

McLaughlin makes it 3-0

1m 02s

Nathan and Ryan on 4-1 win

2m 10s

Duo on Huddersfield win

2m 10s

Reserve stars get their Kickz

1m 10s


'We won't underestimate Molde'

2m 03s

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