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'We want to put a smile on their faces'

0m 44s


'It's been a while since I last scored!'

2m 47s

Skrtel slams home LFC's fourth

2m 10s


GOTD: Skrtel thumps one past Fulham

0m 36s


'Phil showed his importance today'

2m 06s

'We'll do everything for the win'

3m 32s

'My Dad kept reminding me of my 300th'

4m 20s

Martin Skrtel - 300 tribute

3m 19s

'Adam's saves didn't surprise us'

2m 19s

Skrtel's training ground screamer

0m 39s


Skrtel previews Friday's match

2m 32s

'My priority was always Liverpool'

6m 06s

Congratulations, Martin Skrtel

1m 51s


'I've never seen anything like it'

2m 10s


Skrtel proud of tour support

2m 19s


Skrtel previews Chelsea encounter

3m 11s

Skrtel: We will help Simon get prize

1m 49s

Toure on Gerrard and Skrtel absence

1m 25s

Skrtel tries hand at photography

0m 27s


What makes Martin cry?

0m 52s


Skrtel's top three tour aspects

2m 45s


Skrtel hails the Anfield effect

1m 54s

Skrtel: Lovren showed his quality

3m 51s

Martin: Win was something special

2m 54s

Skrtel: We have to look forwards now

1m 44s

LFCCTV: Skrtel v Southampton

1m 27s

Skrtel: Clean sheet a bonus

1m 15s

Skrtel can't wait for Australia

6m 36s


Skrtel: Let's win it for Stevie

2m 26s

Skrtel: Great support in Australia

0m 37s


LFCCTV: Skrtel v Costa

2m 06s

Advent Calendar: Skrtel volleys home

0m 31s


Skrtel: We deserved more

2m 16s

Skrtel levels at the Kop

1m 00s

Skrtel: We believe we can do it

2m 14s

Skrtel's Sunderland disappointment

2m 31s

'We want to reward your support'

4m 01s

Skrtel: We know where to improve

2m 31s

Skrtel's predictions

0m 55s

#LFCWORLD - Episode 13

21m 48s

Skrtel analyses Hull draw

2m 09s

Skrtel on CL hopes and Spurs test

3m 33s

Skrtel takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

0m 22s


Skrtel Exclusive

9m 08s

Skrtel on Sakho and US tour

3m 43s

Skrtel: New boys are settling well

3m 05s

'We matched the league's best'

2m 16s

Skrtel OG gives Newcastle lead

1m 13s

Thommo on Skrtel and PL race

5m 32s

Skrtel reflects on vital win.

1m 39s


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