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Advent Calendar: Skrtel volleys home

0m 31s


Skrtel: We deserved more

2m 16s

Skrtel levels at the Kop

1m 00s

Skrtel: We believe we can do it

2m 14s

Skrtel's Sunderland disappointment

2m 31s

'We want to reward your support'

4m 01s

Skrtel: We know where to improve

2m 31s

Skrtel's predictions

0m 55s

#LFCWORLD - Episode 13

21m 48s

Skrtel analyses Hull draw

2m 09s

Skrtel on CL hopes and Spurs test

3m 33s

Skrtel takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

0m 22s


Skrtel Exclusive

9m 08s

Skrtel on Sakho and US tour

3m 43s

Skrtel: New boys are settling well

3m 05s

'We matched the league's best'

2m 16s

Skrtel OG gives Newcastle lead

1m 13s

Thommo on Skrtel and PL race

5m 32s

Skrtel reflects on vital win.

1m 39s


'We showed great desire'

2m 13s

Stevie and Skrtel combine

1m 09s

'Martin can give us an edge'

1m 31s

Phil sets up Martin again for 3-2

0m 53s

Skrtel levels it up

0m 51s

'Why record gives us confidence'

3m 02s

Skrtel's weekend predictions

0m 59s

Skrtel's World Cup favourites

1m 17s

Skrtel: It's part of the job!

1m 03s

'Flanno is one of our best'

1m 56s

Skrtel explains those celebrations

4m 50s

Watch all of Skrtel's goals from this season

1m 25s

Training: Sterling takes on Skrtel

0m 50s

Skrtel slots the opener

0m 50s

'We'll do everything to be top'

2m 39s

Skrtel's pride at being back

3m 27s

Skrtel predicts

1m 17s

Skrtel's Christmas message

0m 20s


Skrtel OG makes it 2-1

0m 51s

Mamadou Sakho's first Liverpool goal

1m 42s

Skrtel own goal makes it 3-1

1m 23s

Skrtel's header makes it 2-0

1m 16s

Skrtel on Fulham scalp

3m 05s

Spy-On Kop: Mamadou Sakho

0m 55s

#LFCWORLD Episode 9

21m 25s

#LFCWORLD Episode 9

21m 25s

'Sakho has settled seamlessly'

2m 04s

Skrtel targets regular role

2m 17s

LFCCTV: Martin Skrtel v United

2m 00s

Skrtel and Sturridge reflect

1m 47s

Skrtel: Agger deserves it

1m 46s

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