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Joe Allen's LFC Playlist

0m 30s


Allen: We dug deep

1m 55s

Allen backing young Reds to thrive

3m 56s

Joe confident of Swans return

3m 42s

'Teammates' with Joe Allen

1m 19s

Allen: We showed a clinical edge

3m 11s

Joe: It was great to be back

2m 15s

Allen on United trip

3m 05s

Joe: Patience and self-belief key

4m 38s

Allen meets the press at Anfield

3m 36s

Allen on Stoke's Anfield visit

5m 07s

'We can take a step forward'

5m 31s

Joe: It's in our hands now

1m 19s

Allen: We can still qualify

1m 53s

Joe's Madrid frustration

1m 21s

Allen on CL draw and City

4m 11s

Allen: Team is gelling nicely

1m 36s

Allen fires LFC into the lead in Charlotte

0m 54s

Boss and Joe preview Milan

13m 03s

Ibe and Allen visit Dunkin Donuts

1m 57s


Allen on his second chance

0m 58s

Allen: It's all about fitness

2m 46s

Stevie and Joe combine

1m 04s

'Our will to win is incredible'

1m 54s

Allen calls for same approach

2m 43s

Allen: I've had to adapt

3m 46s

Allen on a huge victory

2m 27s

Allen: It's a great feeling

1m 14s

Allen's predictions

1m 20s

Allen on City loss

1m 33s

Allen reflects on City scalp

2m 23s

Allen's Spurs delight

1m 53s

Joe's Christmas message

0m 20s


Allen: Luis is unstoppable

3m 29s

Allen's predictions

1m 20s

'You have to relish competition'

1m 58s

'We haven't seen the best of him'

1m 20s

Allen won't rest on laurels

1m 57s

'I can be more creative'

2m 11s

Joe sees hope in Sturridge

3m 26s

Allen: I'm almost there

2m 29s

Allen fires for 1-0

0m 35s

Allen and Downing tour review

4m 18s

Allen: It's a special feeling

1m 18s

Allen's tour diary: One

1m 38s

Allen: Brilliant to be back

3m 16s

'You've not seen my best yet'

3m 43s

'He's done amazingly well'

1m 30s

'He's done amazingly well'

1m 30s

Allen on injury and form

3m 26s

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