RESULTS FOR Jordan+Henderson

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Henderson makes it 1-0

1m 16s

Jordan on netting first goal

2m 05s

Jordan on Sunderland and 1112

4m 33s

Jordan relishing Gala test

6m 15s

Two debutants: Every touch

4m 11s

Debut duo reflect

1m 44s

From Albert to Jordan

3m 21s

Reade and McAteer on Henderson

2m 46s

Jordan corker in training

1m 48s


Henderson news special

10m 44s

Comolli on Henderson

5m 56s

Tony Barrett on Henderson

2m 15s

Fans on Henderson

1m 23s

Henderson: The first interview

4m 07s

Henderson arrives at Melwood

0m 27s

Henderson's first day at LFC

1m 45s

Henderson in the spotlight

1m 24s

Henderson, Wijnaldum and Klavan celebrate Carlsberg anniversary

1m 05s


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