RESULTS FOR Jordan+Henderson

'He thrives on the responsibility'

1m 11s

'It was all about the ball'

2m 03s

Jordan levels the score

1m 09s

'I'll keep working hard'

5m 05s

'Jordan is a very good player'

2m 06s

Small Talk: Jordan Henderson

10m 49s

Jordan pairs Reds with Blues

1m 47s


'We're not giving up'

1m 52s

January's best goal

2m 30s

Carra and Jordan on draw

2m 03s

Henderson makes it 2-0

1m 06s

LFCCTV: Henderson v Norwich

2m 12s

Jordan on five-star display

1m 43s

Henderson makes it 1-0

1m 19s

Hendo's top 5 midfielders

1m 44s

Jordan on form and Sturridge

3m 52s

Henderson on Man U test

2m 22s

Jordan reflects on 3-0 win

2m 24s

Henderson on 1-0 win

1m 22s

Udinese 0-1 LFC: 10 mins

10m 07s

Jordan fires the winner

0m 54s

Jordan: I look up to Lucas

1m 48s

Jordan's score predictions

1m 03s

Inside Melwood 2012-13: Ep 16

10m 33s

'I'm good enough for LFC'

3m 27s

'We can win at the Lane'

1m 44s

Henderson on Anzhi test

1m 55s

Jordan on the team plane

1m 39s

Jordan on Hearts win

1m 13s

Henderson on Hearts and Europa

2m 42s

Jordan on form and maturing

5m 18s

When Jordan met Farley

1m 06s


Duo win Golden Sambas

2m 21s


Jordan on netting in 4-1 win

1m 32s

Jordan's strike in 12 angles

3m 25s

Henderson (24)

0m 57s

Luis v Jordan v Seb

10m 17s


'We deserved it'

2m 18s

Jordan on Arsenal and top-four

1m 33s

'Let's take final step'

4m 36s

'It's a great platform'

1m 26s

'The criticism was fair'

4m 28s

Jordan's City delight

1m 36s

Jordan's Prem predictions

1m 08s

Jordan's Turkey message

0m 09s


'Why I stay late'

2m 03s

Jordan's Olympic hope

1m 50s

Hendo's favoured position

2m 58s

Melwood skills challenge

12m 05s


Jordan answers fan Tweets

2m 58s