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Sturridge on injury comeback

2m 11s

'Daniel will be involved'

2m 16s

Rodgers on Sturridge return

1m 02s

Rush on Sturridge impact

1m 57s

LFCCTV: Sturridge v Fulham

3m 41s

Sturridge levels

1m 14s

Sturridge on hat-trick

3m 11s

Daniel gets his second

0m 56s

Sturridge completes hat-trick

1m 08s

Sturridge takes Batak Challenge

5m 30s


Sturridge on Everton draw

1m 43s

Sturridge scores

1m 15s

Carra and Sturridge on 6-0

2m 06s

It's 4-0

1m 14s

'Daniel will phone you back!'

0m 43s

'I had point to prove'

1m 50s


LFCCTV: Sturridge v Chelsea

3m 29s

Sturridge levels

1m 00s

'I'm grateful to boss'

5m 15s

Sturridge either/or

3m 15s

'We haven't discussed it'

4m 34s

God hails Sturridge impact

2m 39s

Sturridge on settling in

5m 36s

Inside Melwood: Episode 31

11m 08s

Sturridge shows training form

1m 47s

'I'm learning piano'

4m 52s

Funny Sturridge outtakes

1m 14s


'He gets those crucial tap ins'

2m 51s

Spot on Sturridge

1m 27s

Sturridge on Swans rout

3m 19s

Sturridge injury update

1m 35s

LFCCTV: Sturridge v City

3m 05s

Sturridge levels the scores

1m 58s

Sturridge on City draw

2m 27s

Stewart on SAS

2m 41s

Sturridge nets at Kop end

1m 28s

Sturridge on a great start

2m 26s

'I'll swap positions'

1m 16s

Didi on strike duo

2m 34s

Sturridge show v Man Utd

3m 08s

Sturridge pulls one back

0m 55s

Jordan on form and Sturridge

3m 52s

'Sturridge is a shrewd capture'

2m 45s

Mansfield 1-2 LFC: 11 mins

11m 10s

Sturridge fires on debut

1m 00s

Mansfield 1-2 LFC: 90 seconds

1m 23s

Carra and Sturridge on cup win

2m 21s

Sturridge trains with Reds

1m 53s

'Sturridge a good deal'

1m 26s

Aldo on Sturridge and goals

2m 04s