RESULTS FOR Jordan+Henderson

Henderson fires opener

1m 26s

Nivea shoot: Behind the scenes

3m 22s


Jordan: Armband is an honour

2m 46s

Jordan: What is key to a derby win

2m 33s

'Now you can see our character'

3m 52s

Rickie and Hendo Melwood shootout

1m 02s

Hendo: We were confident of win

2m 08s

Jordan: We should have won

1m 39s

Jordan: Simon crucial to our victory

3m 01s

Henderson previews Sunderland clash

4m 23s

'I'll continue to learn from him'

2m 48s

Henderson on Wimbledon tie

3m 28s

Henderson: He is our leader

1m 17s

Jordan: Adam and Phil were outstanding

1m 54s

'It's important to put smiles on faces'

1m 57s


Jordan on Stevie display and vital win

2m 54s

Sterling backheel sets up Henderson

1m 18s

Raheem sets up Jordan

1m 13s

Henderson: Give it everything

3m 03s

Promo: How Jordan battled back

0m 30s


Promo: 60 minutes with Henderson

0m 30s


'We didn't get what we deserved'

1m 18s

'Be brave and have belief'

4m 16s

Hendo: A special night for us all

3m 06s

Henderson's Madrid preview

5m 44s

Jordan's Toon frustration

1m 43s

'The team comes first'

1m 54s

Henderson: We'll have no fear

2m 30s

'Performance level must be high'

1m 41s

Jordan: My goals target for 2014-15

1m 57s

Emre: I can learn a lot from Jordan

1m 23s

Jordan nets Kop end winner

1m 10s

Henderson on Anfield winner

1m 27s

Jordan: We deserved to win

1m 47s

Jordan: It's a great honour

2m 36s

Jordan: Why I thrive on pressure

5m 45s

Jordan: Mario can give us a big lift

1m 59s

Hendo: We've got plenty of leaders

2m 06s

Hendo predicts this weekend's fixtures

0m 59s

Hendo: Give credit to Raheem

3m 09s

LFCCTV: Henderson v Southampton

1m 38s

Jordan finds Raheem for opener

1m 14s

Hendo: Dejan and Javier were outstanding

1m 58s

Hendo rounds off a fantastic team goal

1m 39s

Brendan and Jordan preview Man Utd clash

10m 28s

Gerrard, Hendo and Pepe take the crossbar challenge

0m 36s


'I want more goals this season'

1m 20s

Hendo rounds off great move

0m 40s

'Lazar was brilliant'

1m 57s

Dan and Hendo's Subway challenge

4m 22s