RESULTS FOR Daniel+Sturridge

Poor defending or clever forward play?

0m 46s


Review Show: LFC v Stoke City

21m 53s

Sturridge and Can quizzed by LFC Foundation students

4m 09s


Late Christmas gift is finished brilliantly by Sturridge

1m 09s

Press Box: Classy comeback, Sturridge and City

47m 43s

Sturridge show v Man Utd

3m 08s

Didi on strike duo

2m 34s

Inside Melwood: Episode 31

11m 08s

LFCCTV: Sturridge v Chelsea

3m 29s

'I had point to prove'

1m 50s


Sturridge on hat-trick

3m 11s

Sturridge explains injury situation and planning his goal in advance

2m 46s


Sturridge finishes well for five

0m 56s

LFCCTV: SAS v Crystal Palace

4m 48s

Villa 0-1 LFC: 11 mins

10m 53s

Sturridge makes it 2-0

0m 52s

Victor Moses on SAS

1m 58s

Sturridge fires for 2-0

1m 00s

Robbie on SAS and Champions League return

3m 19s

Sturridge makes it 3-3

1m 18s

Aldo on Sturridge

5m 27s

Sturridge curls into top corner

1m 03s

#LFCWORLD Episode 33

22m 03s

Stevie finds Dan at the Kop

1m 30s

Sturridge reacts to head the Reds in front

0m 50s

Hip-Hop Mastermind: Sturridge v Ibe

18m 39s


Sturridge fires on debut

1m 00s

Phil sets up Dan comeback goal

1m 13s

Hendo and Dan combine to make it 2-0

1m 25s

Dan's volley in 9 angles

1m 35s

Sturridge's classy opener from 8 angles

1m 00s

Carra and Sturridge on cup win

2m 21s

Sturridge capitalises on work from Milner

1m 16s

Sturridge on United winner

2m 00s

Wijnaldum's through-ball sets Sturridge away for a second

1m 09s

Jordan on form and Sturridge

3m 52s

God hails Sturridge impact

2m 39s

Sturridge levels the scores

1m 58s

Calm, composed, classy finish from Sturridge

1m 22s

'I'll swap positions'

1m 16s

Sturridge on squad role, fitness and feeling good

3m 15s

LFCCTV: Sturridge v City

3m 05s

Mansfield 1-2 LFC: 11 mins

11m 10s

Sturridge nets at Kop end

1m 28s

Sturridge on a great start

2m 26s

Suarez: I'm so happy with him

3m 36s

Spot on Sturridge

1m 27s

'Daniel will phone you back!'

0m 43s

Sturridge shows training form

1m 47s

Sturridge fires

1m 07s