Klopp gets in some mid-match gardening

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The key points: Klopp's Hoffenheim press conference

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Klopp's honest assessment of Watford draw

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Klopp's injury update on Coutinho, Sturridge, Lallana and Clyne

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Klopp's pre-Watford press conference in full

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Klopp on unbelievable support and Dublin win

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Klopp on Atletico, Audi Cup and pre-season condition

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Klopp on what he did and didn't like about Bayern performance

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Klopp: We have to be active against Bayern

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Jürgen Klopp: Without them, I am nothing

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A bike ride and an exclusive interview with Jürgen Klopp

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Klopp on injuries, Audi Cup and season preparations

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Audi Cup press conference in full: Klopp, Simeone, Ancelotti and Sarri

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Klopp: There was some nice football

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Training ground headers-only game explained

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Inside Training: Entertaining headers-only match featuring the entire ...

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Klopp on who will feature in Berlin

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Klopp explains the Reds' three Friday training sessions

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Klopp explains his line-up for Berlin fixture

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Klopp: What the players will be working on during German training camp

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Klopp's injury update: Milner, Clyne, Karius and Ward

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Klopp's post-Leicester HK press conference

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Klopp reflects on Leicester win in Hong Kong

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Klopp: We want to add a few things to last season's recipe

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Klopp on Palace win in Hong Kong

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Klopp's post-Crystal Palace press conference

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Klopp cooks up a treat with Camp Quality

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Klopp comments on Henderson and Sturridge fitness

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Klopp addresses the media ahead of Hong Kong opener

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Klopp's post-Wigan press conference

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Klopp: We'll use the week in Hong Kong to work on difficult situations

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Klopp on goals, first impressions and penalty takers

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Klopp: You have 45 minutes, show all you have

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Klopp confirms Henderson's return against Tranmere

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Klopp's update on Sadio Mane's recovery

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Klopp on when Salah can make LFC debut

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Inside Training: Unprecedented access on day one of pre-season

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'The boys are ready and I'm ready'

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Henderson, Klopp, Firmino and more arrive back at Melwood

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Klopp: I saw a lot of good football

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Klopp's post-Middlesbrough press conference

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Klopp: These fans deserve European football

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Klopp's pre-Middlesbrough press conference in full

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'We have very good players, and we'll bring in a few more'

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Klopp: We have to perform, we have to win

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Klopp updates Firmino's fitness ahead of Boro

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#LFCWORLD: Featuring Klopp, Suarez and Lucas

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Klopp: It's not a cup final, it's a football game

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Inside Training: Reds prepare for final day

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Watch Stevie join Klopp's men in Sydney on LFCTV GO

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