RESULTS FOR Jordan+Henderson

Jordan reflects on 3-0 win

2m 24s

Jordan on form and Sturridge

3m 52s

Henderson on Man U test

2m 22s

Hendo's top 5 midfielders

1m 44s

Henderson makes it 1-0

1m 19s

Jordan on five-star display

1m 43s

LFCCTV: Henderson v Norwich

2m 12s

Carra and Jordan on draw

2m 03s

Henderson makes it 2-0

1m 06s

January's best goal

2m 30s

'We're not giving up'

1m 52s

Jordan pairs Reds with Blues

1m 47s


Small Talk: Jordan Henderson

10m 49s

'Jordan is a very good player'

2m 06s

'I'll keep working hard'

5m 05s

'It was all about the ball'

2m 03s

Jordan levels the score

1m 09s

'He thrives on the responsibility'

1m 11s

Teammates: Downing on Hendo's hair

2m 12s

Hendo & Kelly tipsters

1m 43s

Hendo Twitter interview

10m 58s

Jordan on Chelsea draw

1m 59s

Jordan caps off win

1m 25s

Hendo makes it 2-0

0m 58s

'I want more in 2013-14'

0m 58s

Henderson on Mignolet

4m 13s

Jordan makes it 2-0

1m 01s

Jordan seals the tie

0m 55s

Henderson on cup win

1m 26s

'Hendo can get double figures'

1m 41s

Jordan: Moses is perfect for us

1m 26s

Henderson on winning start

3m 30s

Jordan on his fight for a place

1m 28s

Henderson takes Top Bin Challenge

1m 05s

Lucas sees Hendo similarities

1m 06s

Jordan on a job well done

1m 14s

Jordan on taking centre stage

3m 12s

'Jordan has more energy than me!'

1m 45s

Jordan: What I've worked on

3m 00s

Jordan: What I've worked on

3m 00s

'What's changed since 2011'

1m 36s

'Everyone looks up to Steven'

1m 18s

'I know I'll get more stick!'

3m 06s

'It would send a message'

2m 19s

'Thanks, but I want to beat you'

2m 03s

Henderson predicts

1m 01s

Hendo says Happy Christmas

0m 23s


Henderson makes it 2-0

1m 03s

Jordan on Spurs thrashing

1m 44s

LFCCTV: Henderson v Spurs

1m 55s