RESULTS FOR Jordan+Henderson

In Focus: Henderson leads Reds to victory

1m 53s

Jordan: Why we have pride

2m 12s

'He thrives on the responsibility'

1m 11s

GOTD: Henderson decides it at the Liberty

0m 32s


Jordan: Moses is perfect for us

1m 26s

Jordan: What I've worked on

3m 00s

January's best goal

2m 30s

LFCCTV: Henderson v Southampton

1m 38s

Jordan's City delight

1m 36s

Gerrard, Hendo and Pepe take the crossbar challenge

0m 36s


'I'm good enough for LFC'

3m 27s

Henderson on Hearts and Europa

2m 42s

'Lazar was brilliant'

1m 57s

Jordan on form and Sturridge

3m 52s

Keepy Up Challenge...

4m 56s


Hendo: I need to prove myself

0m 58s


Hendo: LFC feels like home now

3m 01s

Henderson: Trip will benefit us for the rest of the season

3m 07s

Henderson on Champions League qualification and 'getting better'

1m 24s

Henderson makes it 1-0

1m 10s

'Jordan has more energy than me!'

1m 45s

'We expected this from Jordan'

2m 17s

'No nerves, it's more exciting'

3m 11s

Taste, Touch and Smell Challenge...

10m 10s


'I know I'll get more stick!'

3m 06s

Jordan: Why I thrive on pressure

5m 45s

Train with Vitality: Part three - turning

2m 03s


Jordan on the team plane

1m 39s

Hendo rounds off great move

0m 40s

Jordan finds Raheem for opener

1m 14s

Henderson: We'll have no fear

2m 30s

'Everyone looks up to Steven'

1m 18s

'Thanks, but I want to beat you'

2m 03s

Henderson previews Sunderland clash

4m 23s

Hendo: We were confident of win

2m 08s

'We must work harder than them'

3m 21s

Sterling backheel sets up Henderson

1m 18s

'Confidence has been key'

2m 14s

Henderson on 6-3 win

1m 58s

'It's important to put smiles on faces'

1m 57s


Behind the scenes on Hendo's FIFA shoot

1m 35s


The #VoteHenderson manifesto

0m 58s


Henderson on Wimbledon tie

3m 28s

Jordan on marathon man tag

1m 23s

Hendo: We've got plenty of leaders

2m 06s

'I'll continue to learn from him'

2m 48s

Jordan on form and maturing

5m 18s

Free: Henderson's role at the Euros

1m 40s


Reds sample Adelaide culture

1m 04s


Jordan: We can learn from Milner

1m 54s