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'Gary or Phil Neville? Neither!'

Most minutes played: 5th

Our best chance creators: 3rd

Our best passer: 9th

Most tackles won: 10th

Downing: You can't get him out!

Downing: We met the Dortmund lads

'Anfield record will affect them'

Jose Enrique smashes plasma TV

Your chance to quiz McAteer

Downing returns - follow live

Pepe Reina questions wanted

Glen on peaking, Stewie and Spanish

Downing's end-of-season pledge

Johnston: Why BR deserves praise

Downing v Shorey? A horrible thought...

Downing's fight to stay in boss's plans

Chat live with Downing

Downing and Sterling fitness update

Rodgers on draw and Downing

Teammates: Downing on Hendo's hair

'Jordan and Stewart know what's wanted'

Telegraph: Downing - Threat of axe saved my career

'Sorry, I don't have a pneumatic drill'

Downing's Twitter chat (free clip)

'We lost because we started too late'

'Rodgers has got Downing reaction'

'Downing deserves England recall'

LFCCTV: Stewart Downing v Tottenham

How accurate Downing sank Spurs

Downing: Our best win of the season

Downing: Why we've hit goal trail

iTunes: Latest Inside Melwood for 99p

Tweet your questions for Downing

'Players appreciate Pepe performance'

The best of our 4-0 win in 10 videos

Downing: He must be a nightmare

LFC's top tacklers: 2

'Repeat that display and we'll qualify'

Downing: We paid the price

'Play well and boss can't leave me out'

'I want to be the one in Henderson's shoes'

Downing: My FA Cup fear

'We could see it straight away'

Downing: How boss chat spurred me on

'He's worked so hard for this'

Downing: We've got to keep doing that

Downing: We showed too much respect

Downing starts - listen live

Downing and Skrtel set for milestones

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