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First and Last: Philippe Coutinho

1m 41s

Philippe Coutinho exclusive

2m 12s

Get to know Philippe Coutinho

6m 03s

Philippe Coutinho: The Top 10 Goals

3m 07s

Why 10 goals isn't enough for Coutinho?

4m 08s

Free trailer: #CoutinhoHFH

2m 39s


December's Player of the Month

2m 00s


Coutinho scoops March POTM award

1m 26s


Coutinho takes top honour

0m 56s


'Lad, lad!' - Coutinho speaks Scouse

0m 30s


Jordan and Philippe combine

1m 00s

LFCCTV: Coutinho v Arsenal

2m 21s

3 facts about Coutinho

0m 42s

Coutinho stunner sends Reds through

1m 19s

Coutinho on cup draw

1m 43s

Coutinho: I love Anfield Euro nights

5m 18s

Trundle on Coutinho's brilliance

0m 44s

Phil: I know how much this means

4m 17s

Coutinho opens scoring at Ewood

0m 56s

October's star man: Coutinho scoops award

2m 27s


'I treasure these awards'

1m 19s

Happy Birthday, Phil

0m 54s


Coutinho fires Reds into the lead

1m 30s

Goal of the Day: Phil's first v City

0m 42s


Firmino and Coutinho combine for 2-0

1m 17s

Revealed: February's best goal

1m 44s


'He's what LFC needed'

1m 01s

How Coutinho won March Player of the Month

1m 08s


In Focus: Coutinho's return to action

2m 34s

Coutinho on 'virtually perfect' attack against Leicester

2m 15s

Coutinho reflects on the season so far

5m 50s

Coutinho volleys home an equaliser

0m 54s

Coutinho & Wijnaldum v 30 LFC U9s

7m 15s


Coutinho: The first interview

4m 21s

'I don't know anything yet'

4m 26s

Player of the Month: March 2013

2m 19s


Coutinho ready for derby bow

1m 35s

Coutinho fires

1m 10s

Lucas on Coutinho

1m 16s

Coutinho takes Top Bin Challenge

1m 08s

'Coutinho can get even better'

2m 56s

Alberto: Phil is an example

3m 28s

'Our aim is simple: To win'

2m 22s

'I feel at home here'

1m 58s

Coutinho felt fans' support

1m 39s

Defining Moments: Coutinho puts City to the sword

1m 39s

Coutinho's smart finish at the Kop end

1m 14s

Phil's flick from six angles

1m 06s

Coutinho on 'Blaine' nickname

1m 51s

Coutinho's Xmas cheer

0m 21s


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