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McParland on Flanagan U21 call-up

2m 46s

Kelly v Glen v Flanno

2m 25s

Flanno on Wigan and Sterling bow

1m 37s

Flanagan's Liverpool

11m 00s

Flanno: My aim for 12-13

4m 22s

Flanno's first-team aim

1m 02s

Flanagan grabs a fourth

0m 52s

Kelly v Flanno in Kop Kids quiz

1m 06s


Flanno tries Top Bin Challenge

1m 11s

Flanagan on a pulsating derby

1m 30s

LFCCTV: Flanagan v Everton

2m 55s

Flanno's festive message

0m 20s


Flanno pride at Stevie praise

3m 15s

Jon's plan to keep his place

2m 27s

First and Last: Jon Flanagan

1m 42s

Relive Jon Flanagan's first Liverpool goal

1m 19s

Flanagan's strike in 5 angles

1m 22s

Flanagan on 4-0 Blues scalp

2m 06s

'You can inspire us to win'

2m 10s

Flanagan's predictions

1m 16s

'Flanno is one of our best'

1m 56s

Warnock: My admiration for Flanno

5m 47s

Flanno's predictions

1m 10s

'It doesn't get any better'

4m 06s

Flanno's superb challenge

0m 34s

Flanno's brilliant challenge

0m 12s

Flanagan: Tour is massive for everyone

3m 42s


Getting to know...Jon Flanagan

3m 28s


LFC v Roma: Flanno's pre-match thoughts

1m 09s

Advent Calendar: Who else? Jon Flanagan!

0m 49s


Flanagan: I'm fit again now

4m 05s

Jon: I've studied 3-4-3 system

2m 31s

Flanagan's Malaysia memories

1m 40s


Flanno's Fab 4 Reds goals

2m 05s

Brendan's delight as duo sign new deals

6m 21s

Flanno on recovery, Klopp and Gomez

2m 49s

GOTD: 'Who else? Jon Flanagan!'

1m 08s


Southampton v U21s: The best bits

2m 33s

Cafu: I see my style in Flanagan

3m 00s


Getting to know... Jon Flanagan

2m 06s


Flanno checks on Main Stand progress

2m 56s


Free: Annoying driver pranks LFC stars

9m 47s


'I've been doing work over the summer and I'm in good shape'

2m 15s


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