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First and Last: Simon Mignolet

2m 14s

3 facts about Simon Mignolet

1m 11s

Reds in France: Simon Mignolet

0m 59s

Mignolet on current defensive record

3m 44s

Mignolet: This was the target

5m 22s

Mignolet on Mane boost

0m 41s


Simon: It's a new challenge

3m 02s

'Sunderland have shown their steel'

2m 30s

Mignolet welcomes competition for places

2m 39s

Mignolet: Great to be back

2m 39s

Simon backed for Golden Glove

8m 26s

'We will get it right'

7m 40s

Mignolet: The first interview

6m 48s

'We can't take things for granted'

4m 03s

'Origi has huge future'

0m 50s

Mignolet: We're very hungry to start again

2m 04s

Simon's 'keeping approach

2m 29s

'Simon will bounce back'

2m 53s

Mario v Mignolet: free-kick challenge

1m 25s

Simon: We must maintain momentum

5m 06s

Mignolet's Merry Xmas

0m 25s


Mignolet: It's down to us

2m 57s

'I don't want to jinx it!'

1m 40s

Mignolet on winning return

1m 17s


'Sakho has settled seamlessly'

2m 04s

'Great week, but it's forgotten now'

3m 19s

'Let's remain calm and focused'

3m 46s

Jones previews Victory tie

7m 54s

10 of the best saves

2m 42s

Mignolet's Premier League predictions

1m 04s

Mignolet and Aspas support 'Give A Child Sight' initiative

3m 17s


Simon's Saints joy

2m 34s

Mignolet reacts to LFC debut

2m 23s

'I have a target for Simon'

4m 30s

Mignolet's heroic penalty save

1m 51s

'We'll be ready for Rovers'

4m 57s

Mignolet on pre-season, Hong Kong and texting the boss

7m 51s

'We won at Stamford Bridge so why can't we win at Anfield?'

2m 07s

Mignolet: We won't look for excuses

2m 12s

Mignolet on Cherries, Stoke and frontmen firing

4m 45s

Simon on Clem's praise

6m 12s

Mignolet's trio of super saves

0m 37s

'Being out the team allowed me to reflect'

4m 11s

Mignolet: That was tough to take

1m 34s

Mignolet's Besiktas reaction

3m 01s

Mignolet: Let's put things right in the Premier League

1m 58s

Mignolet on equalling clean sheet record

2m 23s

Mignolet: We fought hard

2m 13s

'Martin can give us an edge'

1m 31s

'I've taken a penalty before'

2m 14s

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