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Philippe Coutinho exclusive

2m 12s

First and Last: Philippe Coutinho

1m 41s

Get to know Philippe Coutinho

6m 03s

Philippe Coutinho: The Top 10 Goals

3m 07s

Free trailer: #CoutinhoHFH

2m 39s


December's Player of the Month

2m 00s


Why 10 goals isn't enough for Coutinho?

4m 08s

'Lad, lad!' - Coutinho speaks Scouse

0m 30s


Coutinho scoops March POTM award

1m 26s


'I treasure these awards'

1m 19s

Phil: It's a special honour

0m 51s


LFCCTV: Coutinho v Arsenal

2m 21s

Coutinho picks up January Player of the Month award

2m 25s


How Phil claimed Feb's POTM award

2m 05s

Coutinho explains tattoos

0m 37s


CCTV: Coutinho magic v Dortmund

1m 56s

Exclusive: Coutinho on new deal

5m 31s

Seba v Coutinho: Scouse quiz

2m 50s

Coutinho on 'Blaine' nickname

1m 51s

Coutinho felt fans' support

1m 39s

Training: Watch Coutinho's finish

0m 17s

Coutinho reflects on the season so far

5m 50s

Coutinho: United is a massive game

4m 50s

'He's what LFC needed'

1m 01s

Coutinho learns cliches with Kop Kids

4m 20s


Exclusive: Phil on star trio

1m 08s

Jordan and Philippe combine

1m 00s

Coutinho's Xmas cheer

0m 21s


Firmino and Coutinho combine for 2-0

1m 17s

Coutinho volleys home an equaliser

0m 54s

Coutinho on cup draw

1m 43s

How Coutinho won March Player of the Month

1m 08s


In Focus: Coutinho's return to action

2m 34s

Coutinho on 'virtually perfect' attack against Leicester

2m 15s

October's star man: Coutinho scoops award

2m 27s


Coutinho fires

1m 10s

Coutinho & Wijnaldum v 30 LFC U9s

7m 15s


Coutinho: The first interview

4m 21s

'I don't know anything yet'

4m 26s

Player of the Month: March 2013

2m 19s


Coutinho ready for derby bow

1m 35s

Player of the Month: April 2013

2m 24s


Best of: Coutinho v Tottenham

2m 52s

Lucas on Coutinho

1m 16s

Coutinho: I love Anfield Euro nights

5m 18s

Coutinho opens the scoring with a stunner

0m 56s

Trundle on Coutinho's brilliance

0m 44s

Phil: I know how much this means

4m 17s

Coutinho opens scoring at Ewood

0m 56s

Coutinho takes top honour

0m 56s


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