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Exclusive: Klopp becomes LFC manager

0m 30s

What will Klopp bring to Reds?

4m 08s

Don't miss Klopp's first interview

0m 15s


'It's the perfect match'

3m 02s

Klopp: A career profile

1m 34s

'He has an identity with his club'

2m 07s

Klopp's football philosophy

1m 09s

Klopp's last visit to Anfield

0m 39s


'He will get the crowd going'

3m 11s

'Everyone is excited by his charisma'

2m 17s

'He's authentic, smart and charming'

2m 52s

News Special: Klopp confirmed as Reds boss

22m 24s

Klopp: The First Interview

19m 17s

Klopp's message to the supporters

0m 18s


Klopp's message to the supporters

0m 18s


'His name just rose to the top of the list'

6m 35s

'We have to entertain the fans'

0m 23s

'Style of play? A wild one!'

0m 15s


'It feels like a new dawn'

2m 27s

Carra: He'll be great for Liverpool

6m 58s

Fans react to Klopp's appointment

2m 30s


Klopp takes a walk round Anfield

1m 51s

Klopp's first LFC press conference

25m 28s

'He will become a household name'

2m 47s

'It confirms his fit with the club'

6m 22s

Klopp's key points from the presser

8m 02s

Hamann: He's the right guy for the job

3m 43s

News special: Evans and Fairclough on Klopp

47m 21s

#LFCWORLD Ep10: Klopp’s first day as a Red

22m 40s

#LFCWORLD Ep10: Klopp's first day as a Red

22m 40s

Exclusive: Klopp's first day

6m 47s


Analysis as Klopp oversees U18s win

2m 56s

News: Work begins for Klopp

10m 53s

News: Klopp's second day at Melwood

11m 21s

Lucas on Klopp's LFC impact so far

7m 10s

Flashback: Klopp 5-4 Liverpool

2m 08s

News: Klopp meets returning Reds

10m 40s

Klopp leads training at Melwood

1m 50s

Klopp's pre-Spurs press conference

19m 22s

Key points from Jürgen's press call

3m 21s

#LFCWORLD: Media matters at Melwood

22m 36s

Flanno on recovery, Klopp and Gomez

2m 49s

Moreno on 'full throttle football'

2m 55s

'I saw many good things today'

2m 20s

Jürgen's post-match press conference

8m 28s

LFC v Spurs: Klopp-watch

2m 01s

Beale excited by Klopp impact on youth

9m 50s

Jordan on Klopp, Kazan and his banner in Bordeaux

1m 36s

Playing against Klopp was always tough

3m 58s

Pressbox: Reaction to Klopp's first game

47m 37s

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