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Jordan Henderson: The Big Interview

11m 04s

Here's to you Jordan Henderson...

2m 05s


'Here's to you Jordan Henderson'

0m 55s


Small Talk: Jordan Henderson

10m 49s

The rise of Jordan Henderson

2m 38s

Tour Exclusive: Jordan Henderson

11m 12s

Reds in France: Jordan Henderson

0m 41s


The Big Interview: Jordan Henderson

23m 32s

60 Minutes With... Jordan Henderson

48m 13s

'He's in a good way and desperate to be back on the pitch'

1m 07s


Top 10: The best Henderson goals

3m 16s


Jordan: What I've worked on

3m 00s

'Be brave and have belief'

4m 16s

Rickie and Hendo Melwood shootout

1m 02s

Henderson's 25 yard stunner doubles the lead at Chelsea

1m 11s


Henderson on Hong Kong tour and Leicester win

1m 29s

Jordan: Armband is an honour

2m 46s

Henderson sets out new season's aims

6m 11s

Top 10 Henderson goals

3m 19s


Tony Barrett on Henderson

2m 15s

In Focus: Henderson leads Reds to victory

1m 53s

Watch: Hendo scores a stunner at training

0m 31s


Jordan: My goals target for 2014-15

1m 57s

'Everyone looks up to Steven'

1m 18s

Henderson on winning start

3m 30s

'Jordan has more energy than me!'

1m 45s

'We must work harder than them'

3m 21s

Jordan on the team plane

1m 39s

'I know I'll get more stick!'

3m 06s

Henderson predicts

1m 01s

Henderson on 6-3 win

1m 58s

'Lazar was brilliant'

1m 57s

Train with Vitality: Part three - turning

2m 03s


'I'll continue to learn from him'

2m 48s

Hendo: We've got plenty of leaders

2m 06s

Henderson on Wimbledon tie

3m 28s

Train with Vitality: Part two - passing

2m 06s


Emre: I can learn a lot from Jordan

1m 23s

Hendo: Give credit to Raheem

3m 09s

'No nerves, it's more exciting'

3m 11s

Henderson on Hearts and Europa

2m 42s

Dan and Hendo's Subway challenge

4m 22s


Hendo rounds off great move

0m 40s

Henderson: We'll have no fear

2m 30s

Promo: 60 minutes with Henderson

0m 30s


Henderson previews Sunderland clash

4m 23s

Hendo: We were confident of win

2m 08s

Henderson in the spotlight

1m 24s

'We can win at the Lane'

1m 44s

'I'm good enough for LFC'

3m 27s

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