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Lovren heads the winner

1m 41s

The Dejan Lovren story

2m 17s


Lovren's first day at Melwood

1m 49s

Lovren: It's a dream come true

9m 47s

Rodgers on Lovren signing

0m 48s

Aldo: Lovren fits the bill perfectly

2m 20s

Lovren marks his debut with a goal

0m 48s

Dejan Lovren talks about his impressive debut

2m 22s

Lovren's Villa frustration

1m 55s

Lovren: It's so important to win first game

7m 21s

Lovren on Villa, Ludogorets and going in goal

5m 54s

Lovren: I love English football's passion

3m 30s

Dejan: I'm ready for the derby

3m 40s

'We can do much better'

2m 19s

Lovren heads dramatic winner

1m 00s

'It was a great feeling'

2m 36s

'Kop can help us achieve result'

2m 21s

Lovren: It was a tough game

3m 42s

Lovren: Togetherness has been key

4m 36s

Dejan: It was a massive win

3m 24s

3 things you might not know about Dejan

0m 44s

Lovren: The confidence is back

2m 35s

Lovren: We're disappointed not to win

4m 19s

'Toure is a true professional'

5m 56s

Lovren: Pre-season will benefit me

3m 14s

Lovren's FaceTime with daughter and Kangaroo

0m 46s


Dejan on injuries, Sakho & expectations

4m 57s

Dejan on City, Aguero and Sterling

4m 47s

'I feel full of confidence'

5m 25s

'Bordeaux will face a different LFC'

3m 17s

'Our character and quality needs to show again'

2m 55s

'We need to step up quickly'

3m 06s

Best of Dejan Lovren v Palace

2m 01s

Lovren wins it for the Reds

1m 34s


Lovren: We aren't satisfied

2m 07s

Lovren: With our fans, anything is possible

7m 49s

'It was a beautiful game'

2m 13s

Lovren: It's good to be back

4m 13s

Lovren: It's good to be back

4m 13s

Lovren: Hard work now will pay off

2m 59s

Lovren: The intensity will go up in the US

2m 13s

Lovren prepared for Spurs encounter

2m 45s

Lovren strike breaks the deadlock

1m 07s

Lovren on goal and 'brilliant' team performance

3m 41s

Lovren: I thought Coutinho had scored

1m 08s

Lovren makes amends with a bullet header

0m 55s

Lovren reflects on 'ups and downs' of Palace win

2m 16s

Why Lovren's loving life at LFC

4m 06s

Lovren: We are smarter than in previous years

3m 09s

Lovren: It's a massive win for us

2m 44s

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