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Alberto Moreno talks Trent and returning to the team

4m 55s

The Alberto Moreno story

2m 21s


'The fans will see more from Alberto Moreno'

1m 17s

Alberto Moreno reveals all about his LFC teammates

1m 46s

LFCCTV: Alberto Moreno v Saints

2m 29s

FREE: Moreno's 'Unbelievable, Jeff!'

0m 43s


What made Alberto celebrate?

0m 36s


Moreno: The first interview

8m 18s

Moreno: We can get it right

2m 50s

Moreno's goal in seven angles

2m 14s

Exclusive: Alberto's first day at Melwood

1m 22s

Moreno: Wing role taught me to attack

2m 09s

'It's time to stand up for LFC'

3m 19s

Spanish duo's Madrid lowdown

4m 57s

Moreno: How the 3-4-3 helps

2m 35s

Alberto: My message to our fans

3m 11s

Moreno embracing relentless run of matches

1m 36s

#LFCWORLD – Episode 27

21m 18s

Moreno looking for Anfield win

1m 53s

LFCCTV: Moreno's tireless Ludogorets display

2m 42s

Moreno tries 'the Sturridge'

1m 02s


Jose: I'm here to help Moreno

5m 23s

'I've seen that goal at least 100 times'

2m 37s

Sensational Moreno run and finish

1m 05s

'I've seen that goal at least 100 times'

2m 37s

Why my Swansea goal was extra special

2m 45s

Moreno: I'd love to do it again

2m 34s

Moreno: My secrets to defensive understanding

2m 40s

Moreno on Dortmund and Europa League experience

2m 03s

Moreno on 'full throttle football'

2m 55s

Jordan sets up Moreno

1m 03s

'This is one of the best moments of my career'

5m 11s

Moreno: Klopp is very dedicated to football

1m 34s

Moreno: Everyone wants to get to Wembley

2m 19s

GOTD: Moreno's solo strike at Spurs

0m 29s


Aldo and Ronnie on Moreno celebration

2m 01s


'This is one of the best moments of my career'

5m 11s

GOTD: 'That is an absolute cracker!'

1m 00s


Firmino and Moreno combine brilliantly for 2-0

1m 00s

Klopp on goalscoring, defending and Alberto Moreno

3m 20s

Alberto Moreno sets Firmino up for an equaliser

1m 08s

Who is LFC's table tennis champion?

8m 36s

When Alberto met Javier...

7m 59s

Moreno: It's going to be a special final for me

1m 11s

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