Lovren: My Life as a Refugee

Watch in full as Dejan Lovren tells the harrowing story of how his family were forced to flee the Bosnian War

8th Feb 2017

22:07 mins


This is Anfield: The Documentary

The latest feature-length documentary from LFCTV tells the story of the iconic home of the Reds from the beginning to the launch of the new main stand in August 2016

18th Sep 2016

48:21 mins

Double Winners '86: On the March with Kenny's Army

Watch LFCTV's latest feature-length documentary, looking at the incredible double-winning season of 1985-86

6th Jun 2016

85:10 mins

Hillsborough Inquests' Verdicts: Story of the Day

Watch LFCTV's Story of a momentous day, April 26th, a date that will be remembered forever

28th Apr 2016

29:42 mins


Exclusive: Klopp's Journey To The Kop

LFCTV chronicles the manager's incredible journey from Germany's Black Forest to the banks of the river Mersey

23rd Dec 2015

47:59 mins

Gerrard: My Liverpool

Watch the brilliant new documentary about Steven Gerrard and his Liverpool career

24th May 2015

51:59 mins

Steven Gerrard: Born & Red

Steve Heighway, Dave Shannon and Hughie McAuley come together and look back over the amazing career of an amazing player

10th May 2015

36:29 mins


Watch a special documentary celebrating 50 years since Liverpool's very first FA Cup victory

2nd May 2015

72:55 mins

'Carragher': The documentary

Our feature-length documentary on the career of Jamie Carragher

25th May 2013

83:00 mins

Gary McAllister: Oh, we love your baldy head

Watch LFCTV GO's exclusive feature on cult hero Gary McAllister. Produced February 2015

9th Jul 2015

21:53 mins

Coutinho: Home from Home

LFCTV's exclusive documentary on Philippe Coutinho, filmed at his Liverpool home

28th Mar 2015

42:01 mins

Bugsy Moran: A tribute to LFC's sergeant major

Our tribute to Anfield legend Ronnie Moran on his 80th birthday

17th Nov 2015

24:18 mins


'The First King of the Kop'

Watch in full the LFC TV documentary tribute to Elisha Scott

22nd Feb 2013

49:00 mins

The Road is Long: The Making of He ain't Heavy

Watch LFCTV's extended documentary on the making of the Justice Collective's single

5th Dec 2012

58:29 mins


Hands Across The Park

The story of how Everton and Liverpool stood shoulder to shoulder following the Hillsborough tragedy

15th Apr 2015

15:24 mins