Emre Can's teammates: 'He has the worst hair, clothes and is the worst...

Emre Can opens up about his LFC teammates in this latest clip from LFC Later

16th Mar 2017

2:51 mins


Vladi Smicer's teammates: 'I never had the confidence Abel Xavier did'

Vladimir Smicer reminisces about his teammates during his time at LFC including the best singer, funniest and the worst hair

9th Mar 2017

2:49 mins


Ian Rush's teammates: 'He scared us and he was on our team'

Ian Rush looks back on long list of teammates to tell us the most talented, the worst hair and the hard man

23rd Feb 2017

3:13 mins


Gini Wijnaldum's Teammates: 'The fittest?...me'

Gini Wijnaldum opens up about his teammates at LFC; the best dancer, the fittest and who has the worst hair

16th Feb 2017

1:57 mins


Kev Stewart's Teammates: Who plays love songs in the gym?

Kev Stewart reveals who has the worst taste in music at the club, as well as the best dressed, and what Danny Ings is doing with his hair

10th Feb 2017

2:55 mins


Joel Matip's Teammates: He has the best hair... and the worst

Joel Matip reveals his best friends at the club, and who the squad's hard man is

8th Feb 2017

2:51 mins


Gary Mcallister's Teammates: Nobody danced like Emile Heskey

Gary McAllister opens up about his best mates at the club and the funniest teammate he shared a dressing room with at LFC

5th Feb 2017

3:19 mins


Peter Crouch's Teammates: 'Pepe Reina was my go to karaoke man'

Peter Crouch opens up about the Reds players he shared a dressing room with, including the funniest, the most talented and his best mate at the club

8th Feb 2017

4:07 mins


Bruce Grobbelaar's Teammates: 'He could sing, but had the worst taste ...

Bruce Grobbelaar looks back on some prestigious teammates and reveals why Alan Hansen's wife was key to his dancing skills and the tough contest for the best haircut

6th Feb 2017

2:13 mins