European Away Game - Ticket Collection Process

Why has the decision been made to randomly select 200 supporters to collect their tickets?  

The Club is continuing to look at ways to improve how tickets are sold and allocated, and address some of the ticket touting issues. Selecting 200 supporters at random gives us visibility on the processes for a good cross section of our travelling supporters.

Will this be for every game?

Yes, as long as the host city and collection venue can provide a safe environment to do so.

When will the 200 find out if they have to collect their tickets in person?

Once the initial main advertised sales have ended the supporters selected will be notified by email and SMS.

Will international supporters still have to collect their tickets?


What will happen if I choose to collect my ticket from Anfield when purchasing?

If you are randomly selected as one of the 200 supporters, you will be required to collect your ticket in the host city.  

Do these changes affect hospitality customers or are GA ticketholders being singled out?

Hospitality Members will also be included during the random selection process.

What happens if I can’t attend the game?

You must notify us at least three days before the game.  Your purchase will be cancelled and a refund provided.

What happens if I am selected and don’t collect my ticket?

Your purchase will be removed from your record with no refund issued.

Why isn’t the Club doing more to combat ticket touting?

Ticket touting does not have a one size fits all solution and the Club is progressively taking steps in different aspects of our ticketing processes to cut down on the number of tickets that end up illegally touted.