Members’ Ticket Sale Blog

Members’ Ticket Sale Blog

Thursday 16th November 2017

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09.40 GMT

We would like to take this opportunity and remind Members that tickets will also be available during the Local Member and Additional Member sales ahead of each match, subject to availability.

Members are encouraged to check our website on a regular basis.

09.36 GMT

Liverpool Football Club would like to thank all of our Members for their patience and continued support during today's sale. 

Supporters still waiting are advised to leave the queue.  Thank you.


09.32 GMT

We can confirm that we have sold out of tickets for all games during today’s sale, and advise supporters to leave the queue. 

There are still over 12,000 sessions waiting.

09.28 GMT

We have an extremely limited number of tickets available for Watford, and all other games are completely sold out. 

Over 13,000 sessions waiting.  

09.23 GMT

Bournemouth and Stoke are now also sold out.

We have an extremely limited number of tickets remaining for Watford.

13,540 sessions waiting in the queue. 


09.19 GMT

West Ham United is now sold out. 

09.15 GMT

Thank you for waiting patiently.   

There is 14,100 sessions in the queue.



09.09 GMT

We would like to advise supporters waiting in the queue that tickets for West Ham and Stoke are on the verge of selling out.

Just over 14,000 sessions in the queue.

09.04 GMT

We still have limited availability for West Ham, Watford, Bournemouth and Stoke.  

There is still over 14,000 sessions waiting. 


09.02 GMT

The Newcastle game has now sold out.  

09.01 GMT

Thank you for your continued support.

Transactions are steadily being processed. 

08.56 GMT

We now have an extremely limited number of tickets for the Newcastle fixture.

Still 15,000 sessions waiting.

08.52 GMT

The queue is gradually reducing with around 15,000 sessions now waiting.

08.47 GMT

We now have limited availability for all games. 

Thanks to supporters for waiting.


08.43 GMT

Sales are steadily progressing and the queue is just over 16,000. 

08.38 GMT

Can we remind supporters to keep browsers to a minimum and only select the number of seats you wish to purchase.  

This will speed up queuing time for other supporters waiting. 


08.35 GMT

The queue is now under 17,000.


08.32 GMT

Thank you to all supporters waiting in the queue.  

Ticket sales are steadily being processed.

08.30 GMT

Thank you to those supporters completing their transactions as quickly as possible.

Number of sessions in the queue is just over 17,000.

08.28 GMT

There is just under 18,000 sessions in the queue and ticket sales are progressing steadily.

Thank you for your patience.

08.24 GMT

Available seats include those with restricted and severely restricted views.

We also have a number of single seats for sale. 

There is over 18,000 sessions waiting. 

08.21 GMT

Can we please remind supporters to keep browsers to a minimum and only select the number of seats they wish to purchase.

This will speed up queuing time for all supporters.

08.18 GMT

Ticket sales are being processed and there are just over 18,000 sessions in the queue.

Adult and junior concessions are located in the Upper Anfield Road Stand, areas 222 - 224.

08.15 GMT

The Members' sale is now underway.

To retain your position in the queue, please do not refresh your browser.

Thank you for your patience. 

08.11 GMT

To reduce queuing time for other supporters, please only select the number of seats you wish to purchase and complete your transaction as quickly as possible. 

Supporters can purchase one ticket for each qualifying Member up to a maximum of four tickets per game, subject to availability.  

08.00 GMT

This sale is open to ALL Members.  

Tickets are subject to availability and sold on a first come first served basis.  

07. 30 GMT

Good morning everyone.

The ticketing website is now closed and will open when the sale starts at 08.15 GMT. 

Once the sale begins, please do not refresh your browser or you will lose your position in the queue.