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Well done Flanno, here's to a long prosperous future winning lots of trophies in the years to come.
8th Jul 2011 14:02
8th Jul 2011 14:02
"Wow. Hooked on .tv now with all these deals and new contracts, everyday seems like we're improving. Good luck Flanno! YNWA!"
8th Jul 2011 14:03
"Well done Flanno! Most Def Deserved!!"
8th Jul 2011 14:03
"Great reward for and nice to see we are building for the future as well as well as the present! "
8th Jul 2011 14:03
"I was worried he might have come into the first team too early last season but the young lad has a mature head on his shoulders. Good work Flanno, you really do deserve it!"
8th Jul 2011 14:03
"This is great news this kid is a talent. this might be better news than Charlie Adam signing. Keep up the good work YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 14:03
"Good future ahead"
8th Jul 2011 14:06
"fantastic reward for flanagan. this season will be a lot tougher with the competition, but time is very much on his side and no doubt he will have his chances under kenny to improve and learn"
8th Jul 2011 14:06
"Thank God!!!.....Future Star!!....."
8th Jul 2011 14:07
"congrats flanno keep learning from carra but pls stop knocking him out "
8th Jul 2011 14:07
8th Jul 2011 14:08
"absolutely brill news.. well done Flanno fully deserved. Wat a talent. well done;)"
8th Jul 2011 14:08
"Well done lad, deserved it!"
8th Jul 2011 14:08
"well done kid, keep up the gd work sure u will one day be our next jc :) "
8th Jul 2011 14:08
"People have to still be realistic about what we can expect of him next season - yes, he's a fantastic prospect for the future, and he did play very well at the end of the season, but he's still only 18 and has a lot to learn yet. However, he could easily be a first team regular in a few seasons!"
8th Jul 2011 14:09
"well done good lad tht day when he gave the penalty against spurs he was fellin so guilty he was runnin down fast down the wing to undo his mistake......... i knew it then he is gonna be a legend......."
8th Jul 2011 14:09
"brilliant player, well deserved flanno....our future defence is safe in your hands.....YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 14:09
"Good man Flanno, look forward to you getting even better in the future."
8th Jul 2011 14:11
"Well done"
8th Jul 2011 14:12
8th Jul 2011 14:12
"lol sad with damien, happy wif kenny!"
8th Jul 2011 14:16
"Obviously Very Well Deserved and Well Earned. Keep up the good work John and the Future looks Bright. YNWA REDS"
8th Jul 2011 14:16
"Fantastic news for young Flanno, well deserved and goes to show how good the team are at Kirkby, this will act as inspiration for all the youngsters coming through, just wait and see how good our youngsters perform this season, all the time thinking and hoping that KK is watching and the next step up is so close, well done John, happy days YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 14:18
"Congrats Flanno, you deserve it."
8th Jul 2011 14:19
"well deserved"
8th Jul 2011 14:20
8th Jul 2011 14:22
"great news :D"
8th Jul 2011 14:22
"well done to flanno, great to see the young un"s coming trough, this kid could be a big player for us. theres still alot to learn but hes in the right place with carra and king kenny there to guide him. Y.N.W.A flanno"
8th Jul 2011 14:22
"We,re on the march with Kennys army...great news..feel good factor is back at Anfield"
8th Jul 2011 14:23
"God bless you John Flanagan!"
8th Jul 2011 14:23
"For all those fans that want Mata to sign for us there is an online peion today that will be sent to J W Henry, at Get involved, YNWA!"
8th Jul 2011 14:26
"hahaha crazy! about 20 minutes ago i was wondering when this was going to happen"
8th Jul 2011 14:26
"Congrats Flano! We all proud for what u did and look forward to see u being a great player. "
8th Jul 2011 14:28
"Great news!"
8th Jul 2011 14:29
"Great..Good luck to LFC & YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 14:30
"Brilliant news. Well done Flanno!! Top young man you deserve it"
8th Jul 2011 14:31
"cograts Flanno, great defender with a very bright future ahead of him... great players coming throught the Academy so hats off to all those involved."
Doctor Who
8th Jul 2011 14:31
"well done Flanno, well deserved mate, you were awesome in the last few games. The future's bright, the future's LIVERPOOL FC."
8th Jul 2011 14:31
"That is really good news. Flanno's got what it takes."
8th Jul 2011 14:33
"There's Comolli's Cheesy smile again!! haha "
8th Jul 2011 14:35
8th Jul 2011 14:37
"well done Flanno!!!"
8th Jul 2011 14:40
"good boy"
8th Jul 2011 14:41
"Congrats Flanno! Totally deserved credit being given here :)"
8th Jul 2011 14:42
8th Jul 2011 14:42
"oh yeah, keep it up pal. you can be the next kop's fav."
8th Jul 2011 14:44
"Fantastic Flanno, Robinson, Kelly & Spearing. Shouldn't be long before Coady, Wisdom, Morgan, Suso & Pacheco get their chances and there's more on the way!! Keep it up lads & we'll not need to bring in other players :) "
8th Jul 2011 14:45
"ditto (most of) the comments above.Yet again a quality contract re-signing of another of our young starlets.Flanno is a cracking lad with lots of ability,potential & most importantly heart. Walk on..."
8th Jul 2011 14:45
"Flan the Man!!!"
8th Jul 2011 14:48
"gud you did some pretty gud job last season flanno "
8th Jul 2011 14:49
"Well done Flanno boy and truly well deserved. No heavy burden or expectation intended, but I see a big player for the future in you. Walk on and keep learning"
8th Jul 2011 14:57
"hey hey .. brilliant news! well deserved Flanno, and CONGRATULATIONS ! .. another Job well done LFC, YNWA lfc4life `8o)"
8th Jul 2011 14:58
"FLANNO!!!!!!! OR SOMETIMES I SAY "Flannel" :P this young lad has improved and will keep on improving! fight for that RB Spot againts johnson & kelly YNWA NOW WE ARE MOVING IN THE TRANSFER WINDOW, WHAT WE ALL WANTED TO SEE"
8th Jul 2011 15:00
"EXCELLENT! Cracking player. Kenny brought this lad into the set up and he made an instant impact - looking forward to more coming through."
8th Jul 2011 15:06
"Congrats, well deserved! But does he not like DC as much as KK? Look at the smile in the pic w/ the 3, and the somber/stern look when signing w/ DC. Doesn't like DC or not totally happy with the terms?"
8th Jul 2011 15:07
"When you ve seen Flanno, you ve seen the futre, YNWA!"
8th Jul 2011 15:14
"well done flano u earned it mate"
8th Jul 2011 15:16
"Good man Flanno, Congrats on new contract. YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 15:17
"come on boy you are in the best club in the world YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 15:22
"Same age as Gerrard when he broke through, same horrible hair...this kid is destined for greatness!"
8th Jul 2011 15:27
"" Yes, well done flanno' and lets see more of you and less importing players!!" "
8th Jul 2011 15:32
"ohh yeah flanno boy .. you will be greatest right back in england some beautiful day:)"
8th Jul 2011 15:32
"Great news. YNWA"
Reds 96
8th Jul 2011 15:35
"Well done Flanno!! Reminds me of a young Gerrard. Fantastic talent at 18 years old. He played great for us last season. Johnson RW. Flanno RB. Kelly CB next to Carra. Robinson LB. "
8th Jul 2011 15:39
"FANTASTIC! Cant wait to see the future of this lad"
8th Jul 2011 15:46
"u are good one's"
8th Jul 2011 15:49
"Good work."
8th Jul 2011 15:50
"good lad! defo 1 for future"
8th Jul 2011 16:02
"Great news we have got young John Flanagan on a long term contract, i was well impressed with his committment and the last few games in 2010-2011 season. He was my man of the match against Newcastle when we won 3-0. Good business Kenny and no less than the kid deserves. Y.N.W.A. "
8th Jul 2011 16:05
"We are in the safest pair of hands now !!!"
8th Jul 2011 16:07
"Well done son, definitely deserved! hope to see you in a few years filling the boots of JC alongside Wisdom, Kelly and Robbinson... Future is bright, YNWA!!"
8th Jul 2011 16:11
"Liverpool's PR is now top notch - everything reflects togetherness, positiveness, progression, forward thinking and good humour. Well done everybody, keep this going and we will soon be back on top!"
8th Jul 2011 16:11
"Way to go Flanno, congratulations for the new deal you ugly ."
8th Jul 2011 16:14
""For all those fans that want Mata to sign for us there is an online peion today that will be sent to J W Henry, at Get involved, YNWA!" - knock it on the head lads, leave it to Kenny, he knows exactly what we need far better than any of us!!"
8th Jul 2011 16:21
"wicked clear future ahead for liverpool"
8th Jul 2011 16:26
"Notice how recent contract extensions signed have all been 'long term' but no exact length.. weird policy dont ya think"
8th Jul 2011 16:28
"Not just because he got some first team games last season BUT he is talented and has skills..He is another Carragher student"
8th Jul 2011 16:31
"Well done Flanno...hope Robinson does the same."
8th Jul 2011 16:32
"AK101, couldn't agree more.. Y.N.W.A."
8th Jul 2011 16:37
"I bet his family are dead chuffed with Flanno. It is such good news to see the young players getting better contracts. What a lucky lad to play for our club. Good luck Flanno. YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 16:39
8th Jul 2011 16:46
"Amazing 11 years of foreign managers and only two top British first team regulars in all that time give or take a few fringe others, and now within months of KK coming back we have half a team of Brits, it's what we need it's what the game needs. Well done the owners, KK and to the whole team at Liverpool, this is the only way forward. Result for you Jo you deserve it. y.n.w.a"
8th Jul 2011 16:50
"Well deserved new contract. Keep up the good work Flanno! "
8th Jul 2011 16:56
"Great news, amazing prospect and hope he figures in the first team more!"
8th Jul 2011 17:01
"In two years time John Flanagan will be the best right back in the country."
8th Jul 2011 17:08
"Great news - the future of the club"
8th Jul 2011 17:09
"Good news about John. Best wishes to Tom Ince who looks to be moving on to another club."
8th Jul 2011 17:16
"Funk2Funk, sometimes in football (both as a player and manager) it's about timing. Kelly would have been much more of a fixture with Rafa had he not got a bad injury. Rafa intoduced Robinson just before he left. Flanno and Jack were both very young under Rafa. Injuries forced KK to play these two."
8th Jul 2011 17:17
"Well done young lad! Deserve it after your performances last season, definitelt think your more worthy of the RB position than Johnson!"
8th Jul 2011 17:31
"great news, a very exciting prospect, he was awesome last season"
8th Jul 2011 17:38
8th Jul 2011 17:57
"he will become a legend"
8th Jul 2011 17:59
"great! best deal so far... :) good luck Flanno..."
8th Jul 2011 18:05
"Good on you,flanno well done, good luck for the years to come. YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 18:14
"Well done Flanno!You deserve it... Helloï¼?does anyone goto guangzhou to watch the gameï¼?YNWA!!"
8th Jul 2011 18:18
"Good News!YNWA!!"
8th Jul 2011 18:37
"well done. ur brill man. keep it up"
8th Jul 2011 19:04
"Great Flanno and congrats. YNWA."
8th Jul 2011 19:18
"Nice one Flanno! Look forward to seeing more of you! "
8th Jul 2011 19:48
"Very well deserved. What a talent for the future. This young lad is gonna be brilliant, I think he'll keep GJ and MK on there toes for LB. The futures very bright for LFC if we can keep hold of the likes of Flanno "
8th Jul 2011 20:19
"well done young man, outstandging contribution last season. good luck in your future YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 20:38
"good news well deserved tho"
8th Jul 2011 20:43
"Very, very good news! I really hope he keeps on impressing me. Well done, lad!"
8th Jul 2011 20:48
"well in flanagan u little gem haha , brilliant to see such commitment an heart from a young lad one to watch in the years to come at anfield"
8th Jul 2011 20:52
"Brilliant! To come into the first team at such a young age and do so well against seasoned pros was a great achievement. Looks like we've got the current and future England Right Back in our squad!"
8th Jul 2011 20:57
"Can't say he hasn't deserved it. Contract wrapped up for a great prospect."
8th Jul 2011 21:04
"Someday we may well sing 'We all Dream of a Team of Flanagans' coz his atude and commitment during his debut games was so, so like ol' Carra himself. Same fighting 'never say die' spirit was so unmistakable, almost forgot how he knocked Carra unconscious, amazing. YNWA Flanno!! "
8th Jul 2011 22:19
"A young Tommmy Smith?? Well done Flanno..Great player, keep up the good work! YNWA"
8th Jul 2011 22:39
"Flanno...our future Carra! You have been quite a revelation...Just when we taught that there could not be anyone better than Kelly, you came along and made yourself counted! I am so happy you'r committing your future with us!"
8th Jul 2011 23:38
"This lad is a star in the making. I've already got a shirt with his name on it and that is normally not something I decide lightly. Take care young Flanno, you've got a great future ahead of you"
9th Jul 2011 0:25
"Definitely deserves the recognition, the next JC. YNWA"
9th Jul 2011 2:32
"Congrats Flanno, you have done your family proud and have the full support of the fans. A legend is born.."
9th Jul 2011 4:47
"You play like a 28 year old with 18 year old legs. You are BRILLIANT. Fallno to take the Carra mantel in time. Fantastic to have a player like you. YNWA."
9th Jul 2011 7:26
"Good Lad YNWA"
9th Jul 2011 8:45
"Well done Flanagan good luck but try not to knock anyone out next season. Watch out Carra."
9th Jul 2011 9:08
"Well deserved, here is to a long and successful future YNWA"
9th Jul 2011 9:19
"How Was it for??"
9th Jul 2011 9:54
"well done flanno much deserved."
12th Jul 2011 11:50
"This is what we call, deserve and worthy.. COngrats to u and now start pushing for a starting birth because it will only help us to be compeive... YNWA"